Upcoming Changes to Blade & Soul Dojo

May 20th, the day we got the news we've all been waiting for; The day we learned that Blade & Soul is finally coming to the West!

It's been over five years since we decided to create the Dojo, a home for NA and EU Blade & Soul fans. Some of you have been here from the beginning, some of you have only just joined. You've all decided to support the Dojo by being apart of its community at some point and for that we are eternally grateful.

Upcoming Changes to Blade & Soul Dojo

Everything we've worked for has lead to this moment, the coming of our very own North American and European versions of the game. It's only fitting that we make some much needed adjustments towards a cleaner and more organized community as we count down the days towards the end of our lives outside of Blade & Soul.

Now there is one exception to this new rule; We will continue to allow the discussion of English Patches. We know this may come off as a little contradictory, but we feel like the English patch is currently too big of an asset to the community for us to pull off the shelves. Most of us here are currently enjoying ourselves on some of the non-NA and EU regions thanks to the English patch. We'll be moving the pinned English patch threads to the upcoming 'Other Regions' forum section; See below for more information on this section.

Non-NA & EU Region Discussions
The Dojo was primarily built as a community fansite for North America and Europe first and foremost. Until the recent announcement confirming the upcoming NA and EU versions the focus slowly shifted more towards the other regions. We'd like to tilt things back towards our original NA and EU focus in light of the recent news. We're going to be restructuring the forum layout this week to reflect that; This will include moving the CN, KR, JP and TW Discussion sections to sub-forums within our upcoming 'Other Regions' forum where we discuss non-NA and EU versions of the game.

Community Events
Blade & Soul Dojo will begin hosting community events in the near future. From art contests and giveaways to in-game events and tournaments. All of this will be housed in our upcoming 'Community News & Events' forum section which will include an area for our users to host their very own events.

Guild Discussion & Recruitment Forums
With the recent announcement of Blade & Soul's approach to NA & EU we're going to have a lot of folks wanting to find a guild or get their guilds rolling. We're going to be opening individual forum sections for each of the NCsoft West Blade & Soul supported regions and languages; These include NA, EU English, German and French. We're also going to open up another section for non-NA and EU regions.

Mods & Tools Discussions
This is one of the biggest changes coming to the Dojo, and the hardest for us. The Dojo staff has been internally discussing the decision to continue allowing the discussion of Mods & Tools or to abide by the EULA set by NCsoft across many regions and remove them. After much deliberation we decided to no longer support the discussion of mods and tools. We don't want to put the security of the Dojo and our users at risk. We want to respect all aspects of Blade & Soul's EULA; We want to support and play the game the way NCsoft and Team Bloodlust had envisioned.

We know this decision will upset some of you, especially those that have contributed much of their time towards the creation of their mods and tools. We understand this subject means a lot to you folks, and we apologize for doing this; We just ask that you understand our reasoning behind this decision. We would also like to make it clear that NCsoft had absolutely no effect on this decision; They did not ask us to remove any content that breaks their EULA.

We will be updating the Forum Rules with content regarding mods & tools some time this week; Until then feel free to save, discuss and move any topics offsite. Once the 'Blade & Soul Mods and Tools' section is gone, the new rules will be in place.

Blade & Soul Wiki Update
It's about time we get that Wiki rolling. Bumble, our most experienced Wiki Team member, is working hard on setting everything up for our wiki and will be recruiting helping hands later this week. She's currently in the process of finalizing a detailed article on the matter, so expect to see that here later this week!

Other Changes
As mentioned above we're going to be restructuring and reorganizing the forum layout. New sections will be introduced and some will be moved. We'll also be removing sub-forums that see little to no use. With this will come the much needed removal of some old and irrelevant pinned topics.

The Forum Rules and global FAQ sections will also be updated this week, so keep a watch out for that. I'll be making a post once the new rules are set in place.

How about that front page news slider? Yep, we'll be working on that as well. It's about time that thing gets fixed and has some relevant news displayed on it.

What comes after all these changes? First and foremost, upgrading IPB and the sites design. I'm sure we're not the only ones that feel like this is long overdue, considering the site's design and back-end hasn't been updated since mid 2011 (Dojo 2.0). This should fix a lot of the issues we're currently experiencing, like uploading avatar's. Outside of the upcoming update, we're going to be recruiting new staff members. As mentioned above, Bumble will be recruiting new Wiki Team members. We'll also be recruiting new moderators, especially those fluent in German and French, in the future as our communities population grows.

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