What happened to BnS Samurai Armor

Okay so I've been waiting for something like this for a while so I can make my male characters look like a bad ass but I noticed one small problem when I was trying it out on my female character. Actually it's a huge open problem. It almost seemed like something was missing on the female version of the armor.


What happened to BnS Samurai Armor

What happened to BnS Samurai Armor


You noticed something about it that's different? Oh yeah that's right, THE F*CKING CHEST PLATE IS MISSING ON GIRLS! And not just that! It looks like a Samurai themed dress! Like WTF?! The male version gets literally everything you expect from armor while the girl's version of it is degraded to a cheap dress.


The worst part is that it's consistent throughout all the races. Listen I know people probably won't care and all but this is a f*cking armor set and I'm honestly pissed off that they couldn't have just left the female version untampered and not sexualized. Like seriously what kind of Samurai goes into battle without a freaking chest plate or freaking leg plates? It's just a flat out insult to anyone who's actually bothered with studying this stuff and was looking forward to looking awesome in combat while appearing to be covered and protected. 


All I ask is to put a freaking chest piece on the female version of this outfit. I mean all the other outfits I've seen so far have treated genders equally and logically but this is just really bothering me. I don't care that it looks nice, it's just wrong.


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