Why wouldn't Ncsoft want most people at True Scorpion sooner?

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They forced people to level up for some Worlds Tournament in the arena to get more people ready for HM levels 11~15 to have hongmoon skills unlocked and skill points to max what can be used in the arena. Then one of the tournament organizers quit, the arena rewards are broken and nobody can collect them....


From what everyone is saying PVE and the story is only there for the broken arena. Since gear doesnt mean anything in the arena, what does it matter what weapon everyone has?


For anyone that doesnt think an MMO has a finite end and diminishing returns at the end game, realize that is what the cash shop is for to keep people coming back to buy new outfits and weapon skins. that way the longevity of the game is extended. There is no need to force 300 hours of gameplay to keep people interested in the game, nor these freaking Cash events. All you have to do is let people progress, because al these other things are intended to keep making money AFTER everyone has gotten max gear.


I know of only 4 people that have attempted to duo-Asura's dungeon, one of the groups succeeded while he other gave up. We know there is more content coming, and the gap between players will get bigger if they don't do something drastically to solve the problem of people not being able to progress in the game without paying money to BUY the required gear upgrade materials. SSP is over crowded with only 2 channels which Scorching Sands area of Cinderlands is pretty much dead and has 8 Channels... 1 filed with bots at Blade And Soul Golden Deva and the others can often be empty when you never cross another player.

Players are quitting because they cannot get materials in dead areas or overcrowded areas, Cross server only works for those cash cows that have spent a lot of money to get things upgraded. they will do so again when the next content comes out and more gear upgrades appear. You dont want your players so staggered on content when it basically requires a raid on world bosses and some people can't get pass things like Stalker Jiangshi in Everdusk because how dead it is. Nobody is going to do Darkglimpse, or Blackram Narrows 1000 times for the achievement because there are easier ways to get points. At least some of that gear upgrade that drops can be bought on the market, but those "unable to trade" from dead areas where people can't advance will just make them leave and the game will have no new player growth.


Someone mentioned merging the servers, and that might be a good idea, but the best way is flawed. you cant just merge servers, you need to merge players of similar level and gear progression to a server so that they have people to play with to get through the things that can't be done on cross server dungeons. That would mean breaking up clans. so they need to reduce the grind and let the task of upgrading be less daunting for those more casual player before the casual players become non-players. For half a week I have been a non-player since I have only logged in to get the outfit from the daily dash and when it ended with 22 days left and i could no longer spin to get things I needed to progress i just didnt log in again cause i have 1 place and 1 place only that i can grind to be able to upgrade ANY of my gear to progress to a new zone, and I hate Mushin's Tower, there is nothing fun about it, it is pure "hack and slash" and i have never liked that style of gaming. and at the drop rates you might get 4 per day just doing the daily. it is ridiculous the number of things needed to be able to upgrade. Monotonous as well. Maybe if they wanted more things to upgrade from A to B, they should have MADE more things, not just high increments of the same thing that can be found in ONLY 1 place. this is also the problem with moonstones, which will kill the game here if access to them and soulstones arent put somewhere outside of faction. You get 2 measly soulstones without doing faction PER DAY. That would be fine if factions only let you get say 10 per day from that a well. Getting more from the factions than non-faction quests  wouldnt be a problem, but the numbers are too low for being able to acquire these outside of factions. Tomb of Exiles offers less than 0.05% of the soulstone income as faction quests do, and for moonstones there is 0% available for outside of faction quests.


Yes, you can buy these on the market, but that isnt playing the game and earning anything, it is just buying it. Cricket started in a Martial Arts school, NOT a Business Management school.

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