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Cabal II, a free to play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game with fluid, skill-based combat, provides the genuine MMO experience to cabal 2 players. In the game, cabal 2 players can experience fast paced action, PvP battlegrounds, gorgeous environments and a story taking place in Ektensia. Moreover, there are six classes you can choose in the game, which are Warrior, Force Blader, Force Archer, Force Sheielder, Wizard and Priest.

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Cabal II News And Guides

  • r4pg cabal ii summer 2015 coupons
    R4PG Cabal II Summer 2015 Coupons [08/01/2015]

    5% Cabal II product(Cabal II Alz) coupon code " R4PG-CABAL2 "! Happy Summer!

  • cabal 2 launch trailer
    CABAL 2 Launch Trailer [07/04/2015]

    The official CABAL 2 Trailer! Your Journey Begins July 2nd!It's funny in the patch notes "CABAL 2 PATCH NOTES 1.03" is wrote: Improved frame rate optimization and alot of peoples crying about low FPS. I had during the CBT 50-68fps, i let me surprise how much FPS i will have in the OBT.

  • sexy cabal 2 cosplays  archer  wizard and priest cosplay
    Sexy Cabal 2 Cosplays: Archer, Wizard and Priest Cosplay [07/04/2015]

    Spcats and Spiral Cats Archer Cosplay has released fabulous cosplay. Guest Model Soh hee Kim cosplayed Wizard in Cabal 2, while DOREMI showed the beauty of Priest. Both of them look amazing. Check out the following cosplay pictures. The archer is a range attack strengthened role in Cable II. They are sexy and have a variety of control skills.

  • cabal 2 video   new pve coliseum feature added for south korean server
    Cabal 2 Video - New PVE coliseum feature added for South Korean server [07/03/2015]

    After a few of months since the last game update, a new feature was recently introduced to the South Korean server of Cabal 2. The new PVE coliseum challenges parties to clear waves of monsters, with the attackers getting stronger with each level. There is a maximum of 100 levels, and I would hate to think who is the final boss. More rewards will be given when parties reach higher levels.

  • all cabal 2 classes introduction
    All Cabal 2 Classes Introduction [07/03/2015]

    Discover the classes of Cabal 2 and which one defines you.

  • cabal 2 all classes battlemode video
    Cabal 2 All Classes Battlemode video [06/26/2015]

    Cool animations and such, good graphics, cryengine 3 never dissapoints, but copy-pasting like 90% from Aion do dissapoints.

  • open beta is finally arriving july 2nd

    We've crunched, tested, refined, cried, and tested some more, but now we're finally excited to announce that our Open Beta will officially begin on July 2nd! This Open Beta will eventually transition to our launch, so there will be no keys required in order to jump in and begin conquering Ektensia!

  • setting the stage for open beta and beyond

    We're careful on what gets sent out to our fans due to the fact that things can change, and any promised date, even a vague one, can change. We're committed to our fans, and we want to make sure that once we release a date, it's finalized and it's the one we're most satisfied with.


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