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10000 Daum Cash Account
10000 Daum Cash Account
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20000 Daum Cash Account
20000 Daum Cash Account
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30000 Daum Cash Account
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50000 Daum Cash Account
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  • @ Kiid
    20 M BDO Silver
    Rita Chen was good and helped me get the 25M I ordered Thanks going to use again ! Mar/25/2017 01:34:21
  • @ Fast, excellent Service by Lucy.
    4 M BDO Silver
    Fast, reliable service by Lucy. He stayed with me from the beginning until the end. Thank you! Mar/24/2017 02:11:01
  • @ Daniel
    10 M BDO Silver
    they are very fast an have great customer services. and if u need to give them bank pin tell the customer services ppl Mar/23/2017 00:22:14
  • @ JIM
    5 M BDO Silver
    Thanks. Repeat buyer. Will buy from again. A++. Mar/22/2017 00:04:40
  • @ Custorm
    55 M BDO Silver
    Super fast came within 2 mins of paying thanks heaps. Mar/21/2017 00:04:06
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    Mar/23/2017 @ Theodoreh
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    Mar/23/2017 @ GiraffeTx
  • great site! very helpful! and trustworthy!, and good prices as well! :D
    Mar/23/2017 @ Tstruggling
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