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Deadman mode is a new intense in Old School RuneScape. Is the ultimate in risk vs reward PvP. Want to conquer the world in Deadman mode? Buy gold from Want to create a bigger clan in Old School RuneScape? Buy gold from Want to enjoy the most authentic MMORPG experience in Old School RuneScape? Buy gold from us that we can offer you all the Deadman mode Gold you need in the game.

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Albion Online Galahad Update First Impressions

The Destiny Board was something that was pretty cool and the Albion Online Galahad Update has made some improvements without changing the things that were good about it. more big changes on r4pg.


Game Play And End Game Progression In MU Legend

When you start the game you are levelled up to a high level and have a ton of awesome abilities. This will certainly make you want to get fast MU Legend Zen so you can get more abilities.


MU Legend Characters

I even found myself having a little look to see if there was a way to get fast MU Legend Zen! Anyway at the moment there is not a whole lot to the character creation, but to be fair the game (as of writing) is in beta so hopefully more choices will be added.