In This guide will show you how you can defeat the Daughters of Destiny Oryx in King's Fall raid as you progress through this stage. The main purpose in the defeating the Daughters is not as hard as it seems but once you figure out the mechanics of the two wizard daughters you will be able to defeat them. Both of the daughters are shielded and only way to break their shield is by doing the relic and slam on it. With this you will need to kill any adds that appear as well as phalanxes, hobgoblins as they keep appearing. Getting rid of those first will let you focus more on the daughters.


Map Breakdown

There are 4 platforms that you will need to look out and you will need to follow the steps depending where the relic drops from.

There are 4 snipers on aerial platform and two big platforms where the daughters of Oryx are at.

In the middle between the daughters you will see the taken spawn.

How to charge the Relic and Make the Run


In this step is very important that the relic is run properly so that the wizards shields go down. First you will need to run the relic counter clockwise from the initial platform .


Charging the platforms are important piece of the game without doing so you will not be able to advance in the game and defeat the daughters. Moving clock wise is important as you will need to reach the ledge that is in the opposite section and without moving clockwise you will not get to it. To see a sample of how to run the relic take a look at the video below that starts at 06:41 and the same will need to be applied to.

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