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  • @ ismail
    700 G DVLN Devilian
    Ok i love this website best prices and they already made 23mill on my acc in 1 day! i am very impressed and i forsure will make a second purchase in the near future i orderd an ags and 20mill and im VERY HAPPY Recommended to anyone! Feb/23/2017 04:13:22
  • @ Hunter
    4500 G DVLN Devilian
    I ordered 10m yesterday and it been 29Hrs idk how long it will take but their is great amazing price this is the most legit website every is alsome thnx just waiting for my order PS. hope it comes soon Feb/22/2017 23:35:58
  • @ Sefferoth
    1500 G DVLN Devilian
    Greatest way to powerlevel specialy with the 55% off Feb/22/2017 09:19:40
  • @ Custorm
    650 G DVLN Devilian
    I was very very nervous about ordering a fire cape and giving my bank pin to strangers but they helped me through with that and were kind and patient. Right now I am south of the Grand Exchange showing off to the noobs *wearing full bandos/fire cape/sgs* Feb/22/2017 04:34:49
  • @ victor
    2500 G DVLN Devilian
    this was my first time buying from any website and to tell i got wat i needed in less den 10 min n its safe to i recamend this website to everyone they will be getting another order from me for sure Feb/19/2017 02:49:35
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  • Fast, Reliable, And overall a great company. Will use again!
    Feb/07/2017 @ Great Company
  • Friendly, prompt, and very professional! If I have questions someone is ALWAYS on hand to help.
    Feb/05/2017 @ Fast service, very friendly!
  • Got the gold within 8 minutes!! You did a very good job! Will return soon!
    Mar/23/2016 @ Kok Chang
  • your live help deliver the gold so fast, there is no more time waiting for, if you also need bns gold, here is the best choice.
    Mar/23/2016 @ Andrew
  • Your discount code is so nice to buy bns gold, save me much money.Thanks!
    Mar/22/2016 @ Zen
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