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When you finshed the order process, please visit Livechat on our website,and make sure keep in touch with us till we can log on your character. We can get your character to any level in a matter of days, after your order has been done, please revise your Dungeon Fighter Online account password in time.


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  • @ Nick
    50 M DFO Gold
    The gold price is cheaper than others, will shop again soon. Mar/24/2017 04:37:59
  • @ Bought My Coins. Quick and Easy Process.
    75 M DFO Gold
    100% Legit site. Best coin rates out there and they are reliable. Took 5 mins to do the whole process. Recommend to anyone looking to buy gold/coins or and in game currency. Mar/22/2017 03:25:24
  • @ Custorm
    150 M DFO Gold
    Great site! Totally legit. Bought 5 sets of elite black and 3 sets of black (t) and got it all a day later. Mar/21/2017 18:35:35
  • @ brelan
    100 M DFO Gold
    got my money in. awsome. thx to every 1 Mar/19/2017 08:20:31
  • @ Custorm
    75 M DFO Gold
    the service is great im just sad because i missed the obtaining of 1500 total level Mar/18/2017 03:24:01
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  • I been shopping from r4pg for over 3 years , good customer service and good product, I recommend r4pg
    Mar/24/2017 @ Snipew
  • I'm well helped by r4pg!!! I buy a lot at r4pg because it is very well organized. They choose always the best way of delivering my gold. That is why I choose for r4pg.
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    Mar/23/2017 @ Theodoreh
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    Mar/23/2017 @ GiraffeTx
  • great site! very helpful! and trustworthy!, and good prices as well! :D
    Mar/23/2017 @ Tstruggling
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