DFO Male Fighter Guides

The Male Fighter is a fighter who specializes in using his lower torso for attacking enemies, being able to combo, break, and even grab enemies with his legs. The Male Fighter is the male counterpart of the Female Fighter. They use Gauntlets, Claws, Knuckles, Tonfas, and Boxing Gloves (Striker exclusive). Wears Light Armor.

DFO Male Fighter Guides


Male Nen Master [Percent]:

"Nen... that which is more important than life itself."

A fighter who follows the teaching of Nen, harnessing great powers of light. A magic based class that's great at close-range combat but also has some long ranged attacks. Can protect himself and others with a shield of Nen. Wears Cloth Armor. Preferred weapon are knuckles or tonfas, though knuckles are more preferred.

Male Striker [Percent]:

"You think you can avoid my kick attack? How about you try to catch the shadow first."

A powerful fighter who specializes in kicks with devastating results. A close range fighter with bone-shattering attacks. In the end, his feet shall be covered with flames, burning and obliterating all that comes his way. Wears Light Armor. Preferred weapon are boxing gloves.

Male Brawler [Fixed]:

"The only rule a Brawler needs, is to clear your mind of all rules."

A thug who has no use for fair fighting. He'll do anything to win, dirty tricks abound. Uses blades, poisons, rocks, any items to give him an upper hand. A fighter who specializes in throwing items from afar and inflicting status effects on enemies. Wears Heavy Armor. Preferred weapon are claws or tonfas.

Male Grappler [Percent]:

"If I defeat the most powerful of your group, it means I defeat all of you."

Great at grabbing and throwing his enemies into other enemies, skillful is he in a one to one battle. He is skilled at dodging and using his enemies as his own weapons. Wears Light Armor. Uses a gauntlet.


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