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  • @ Drew Capozzoli
    9 K DH Gold
    I just bought 3m gold now how do i get it plz??? Aug/17/2017 10:58:32
  • @ Custorm
    45 K DH Gold
    The "best custom server chatter as we speak" Ivy, I love the kindness and her wisdon and patience thank goodness I was actually chatting with her. Website I hope you improve her rank or her management styles to a better one. Aug/16/2017 22:46:43
  • @ Gary
    4 K DH Gold
    They served well,and the gils are great. Aug/15/2017 08:28:27
  • @ Ice
    50 K DH Gold
    Takes 20-30mins which is not a long time at all. Every moment is worth the wait with their legit service!! Thanks a bunch!! I recommended this site to some friends as well!! Aug/14/2017 00:55:25
  • @ Simpson
    9 K DH Gold
    The service was straightforward and easy to use. The prices were very reasonable. Aug/13/2017 01:03:50
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  • Fast purchase and got items instantly. Nothing to complain about.
    Aug/16/2017 @ Customer
  • Great site to sell Path Of Exile items on, easy to navigate. Support is awesome very quick to respond to any problems you may have
    Aug/16/2017 @ Customer
  • Great place to buy Path Of Exile game currency
    Aug/09/2017 @ Customer
  • Bought a game for less than 25 euro and got the currency in 5 mins. Perfect service.
    Aug/09/2017 @ Customer
  • I actually love r4pg and to order poe orbs from this web page. Thank you very much!
    Aug/09/2017 @ Customer
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