Announces Closed Beta Rewards and FAQ For Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul has a lot of great qualities, but if the Closed Beta has shown anything, it’s that some of the game’s systems still need a bit of work. Through this article, we’re going to be looking at major things that should really be a priority within the game’s development.

Echo of Soul

Queuing for PvP and Dungeons

This is one that some players may not have an issue with, but since I do a lot of the different game content, it’s a big deal for me. So what could possibly be the issue with queues, you wonder. They take too long? Nope. There are too few? No. The issue is that while there are many things to queue for (as of this writing, it’s 8 regular dungeons, 2 infinite dungeons and a random battlefield queue, but there are more to come at launch), you can’t queue for more than one category at a time. If you want to queue for a dungeon, for example, you can’t queue for an infinite dungeon or PvP at the same time. This completely cuts down on being able to queue for everything and pick whatever comes up first, and requires you to instead choose something and stick with it (while finding something else to do while waiting).

Echo of Soul

The (Possibly) Worst Chat System Ever

Announces Closed Beta Rewards and FAQ For  Echo of Soul

And that’s not an understatement. It’s by far the most complained about thing within the game, and for good reason. You can only type a few words at a time before hitting the cutoff (I just did a test and it’s 63 characters when talking in raid). Less than half of a tweet! Due to this, players often avoid using the chat, and instead just ignore it altogether or have to shorten their messages (especially since there is also a delay between when you can send another message – luckily, hitting the up key will put the last message you said in the box back up so you can try to resend after a couple seconds).

This isn’t all of it, either! The chat filter really destroys a lot of things you can say, because it picks up on what looks like patterns, and will take seemingly normal sentences and bleep them out so you can’t tell what someone was saying. I can’t count the number of times people have had to keep altering their (not explicit) messages just to say something normal.

And if those two weren’t enough, if you’re typing when you die (in PvP and PvE), your message gets erased as soon as you hit “enter” to try and finish it. This makes chatting in PvP all the more difficult.

As a final issue… you can’t PM anyone when in a battlefield. So if you’re trying to speak to someone about something and join a battlefield, it will be a one-way chat with no way to let them know in-game until you get out. They can send you messages, but you can’t respond.

Inventory Management

Bag space has been an issue in quite a few games as of late, and while the amount of space available is definitely a problem in EoS, what’s more irritating is the way it’s organized. To help illustrate the issue, take a look at the bag structure (and note the icon that’s highlighted, as this is our culprit):

Echo of Soul

At this point you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. You have inventory slots and a way to automatically sort them, so what could it be? It’s the fact that every bag is treated separately. To some players, this is a great thing; for most of us, however, this makes sorting inventory that much more stressful. To help illustrate, here’s a scenario:

• You have the main bag and 2 extras

• Main bag has 9 items (with 30 max.)

• Each other bag has 3 items (with 6 max. per)

In the above scenario, when you hit the sort button, it leaves the 9 items in the main bag and sorts those, and then independently sorts the two extra bags (leaving the items in there instead of taking them to the main one). In other words, you have to keep moving items forward on your own if you want to condense them and get a real organization going. Huge oversight here.

Item Broker

Okay, so you’re ready to go sell some items on the auction house. Should be easy – just throw some items up and list them for sale. Not so easy. So, with this, there are two glaring issues:

• The default price for every item appears to be 1 silver (may not be an issue for some players, but most modern games autofill something more reasonable for items or allow a quick and easy way to see market values without typing in names one by one to see)

• Price has two settings (per item or bundle)

The issue here comes with the price settings. When you want to list 100 Fresh Meat, for example (this is 5 stacks), you list the first one, choose “per item” and enter your price to list it. The next one does NOT default to the same settings. You have to keep manually changing the price type and entering the price. This adds quite a bit of time to listing a lot of items. It should, at the very least, default to the last price entered. Selling items shouldn’t be a chore.


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