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r4pg:Looking Back at ESO (PEGI)

Over 7 million people have joined The Elder Scrolls Online to explore Tamriel and uncover its mysteries in the year since it launched on PC/Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. With three huge game packs out across all platforms, it has been a busy year for ESO – and we have no intention of slowing down!



The ESO Crown Store is the cash shop in Elder Scrolls Online and will sell cosmetic and convenience items.



A merciless guild of assassins rises to power in Tamriel, and your murderous talents make you a prime recruit.

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  • @ Cathy
    600 K TESO Gold
    After verification took all of maybe two seconds to receive requested funds, would highly recommend! Sep/20/2017 02:22:26
  • @ Very Helpful
    1000 K TESO Gold
    Lucy was a great help on live chat and was very helpful answering my questions. I will definitely use them again. Sep/19/2017 02:05:35
  • @ Fast money
    550 K TESO Gold
    I thought it would be a scam but it wasnt. their customer live chat helped me with the transaction. good prices btw Sep/18/2017 07:35:33
  • @ Custorm
    4500 K TESO Gold
    Amazing service A++ Got my 5mil fast Sep/17/2017 00:45:44
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    1000 K TESO Gold
    I didn't think this was real when I saw the prices so I just went all in buying a large amount of gold and came out extremely happy! BEST and only Site I'll use, Thank You so much! Sep/16/2017 03:21:34
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