Elder Scrolls online LIVE’S NEXT EPISODE

Tune into Twitch tomorrow for the latest news and features in our livestream, ESO Live!

Elder Scrolls online LIVE’S NEXT EPISODE

You can catch the latest episode of ESO Live tomorrow on Twitch, back to our regular time at 4:00pm EDT. On this week's episode, we'll be bringing our Ask Us Anything segment back to answer some of your questions from the forums. A few ESO developers will be joining us, including Lead Figure Artist Tatiana Malinko, and Animation Director Sean Miller. We'll also be welcoming back Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel to explain the upcoming Grouping Tool and battle leveling improvements.


If you've missed any of our previous episodes, don't worry! You can watch all ESO Live episodes right here on our YouTube playlist.


Here is the schedule for tomorrow's ESO Live:


Official ESO news

The Making of Orsinium's Bears with Lead Figure Artist Tatiana Malinko and Animation Director Sean Miller

Ask Us Anything

Upcoming Game Features with Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel

Giveaways throughout the show!

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