Do people actually buy gil? Do people actually get banned for it?

I've been getting quite a few gil /tells recently, so I have to wonder. Do people actually buy this stuff? Is it something that there's actually a market for? And if so, how do they not get banned?


However unlike the drug war, I don't believe the solution is to "decriminalise" it, especially if FFXIV starting having full on FFXIV GIL transactions or went F2P that would be it over for many people.

The main reason I keep playing this game is that the chances of it going F2P are very low, because of SE's MMO legacy with FFXI. If it does, well, there's a high chance I'd quit in a week after it started.

Do people actually buy gil? Do people actually get banned for it?

I like the comparison because one time i've been tempted to buy gil to make my tank dps crafted offspec with all those melds but I decided against it mainly because I thought that if I did it once I would do it regularly xD. Addictive personality I guess.

EDIT: Ofc the "legality" of the practise was never once considered as a reason not to do it.


Someone who was in my first static, which was a static of terrible players, was caught buying gil. They gave him 10 days off and confiscate any remaining gil that is on the offending player, I assume that's the standard punishment for a first offense. I've never seen them pursue gil traded around aside from that great purge during 2.0 which as far as I know was a consequence of allagan coins being duped.

Many of my carry clients very obviously gil buy and I haven't observed any punishment for them, and we have never had the hundreds of millions of gil earned reclaimed by SE.


Creating a throw away for this. I have never bought gold in ffxiv as I do not see the point in this game however I highly highly doubt people get banned for buying it often if at all. I bought gold in ffxi since running primal fights was my only income on my smn and the HQ staffs were expensive and never once got banned. I have purchased gold in World of Warcraft and never got banned. I did this because I had more money then time to play. I just wanted to put it out there that people rarely get banned for actually purchasing items with real money as devs want the seller more then the buyer normally. Same thing with pirating movies and games. They are far less interested in the ones downloading and more so want to take down the uploaders.


This is why people need to realize there is absolutely no way gold sellers will ever be stopped. SE would be stupid to throw away the thousands of sub's that buy Gil. I know many people do, because people routinely drop 2+ million Gil to our sale groups for Ramuh and often buy multiple runs.

I've met several players who have obviously bought gil. We had a guy spend over 60 million Gil for us to carry him through T6 and T7 back in May, and he dropped 10 million for 3 of us to run him through Brayflox speedruns to cap out soldiery. You don't make that kind of gil legitimately without getting a reputation for crafting or selling runs.

Either way, I'll take their dirty money and consider it part of the game since it's never going away. I ain't mad.

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