Final Fantasy XIV Important Notice to All Software Token Users with the Release of iOS 9.2

This is a notice concerning the next Final Fantasy XIV iOS update, iOS 9.2.

Final Fantasy XIV Important Notice to All Software Token Users with the Release of iOS 9.2

Currently it has been confirmed that when updating to iOS 9.2, an issue may occur where the Software Token may not open.

FFXIV ask that you do not update to iOS 9.2 when the update itself is released.

Further information related to any updates on the matter will be detailed in a follow-up news.

If you have updated to iOS 9.2, FFXIV have confirmed that the Software Token can be made usable again by first removing the Software Token and then re-downloading and re-registering the Software Token.

As FFXIV have noted many other times, to remove the Software Token, you will need your Emergency Removal Password, so FFXIV ask that you please have the Emergency Removal Password saved somewhere beforehand.

*You will also need to remove the Software Token when switching smart phone devices as FFXIVll, so please take the time to check for this situation as FFXIVll.

*For more information on the Token removal, please go to the url below.

FFXIV apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and FFXIV ask for your understanding and patience on this matter.

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