I really would like to Final Fantasy XIV tank

I'm trying to get my PLD to be a main and I just find it near impossible at this stage of the game.


Here's what happens every time I try to tank a dungeon, primal or Lab/ST 


- Get yelled at for not having a high enough iLevel

- Get into a dungeon where dps start pulling extra mobs because they want to finish the instance faster

- Get into groups with people who's ilevel seriously outclass me and they do their best to take aggro off of me so they can bully me into rage quitting.


I know that ilevel doesn't necessarily mean ffxiv skill, but to most of the people I've ran with that aren't my FC or friends who know that I'm relatively new to tanking, seems that Ilvl > skill.


Whenever I enter a dungeon if I've never done it before or it might just be unlocked at my ilvl I announce that "Hey first time here" or "First time tanking" and there is a decent portion of the time where people understand and take a little slower, but the times they don't seem to affect me and people I know who tried tanking more than the good.


I've only really been playing for ~6 weeks so my ffxiv gil isn't enough to be able to afford pieces of gear off of the Marketplace to improve on what I have so running thing's at the moment is the only way I can really gear up.


But how can I get tomes of soldiery or poetics for my PLD if people won't give me the chance to tank. I feel like I get bullied into playing a DPS class just to be able to farm for another class. I don't find that fair. I have to gear via different class and I don't get to learn the content as a tank first hand because my ilvl isn't up to par.


I'm trying to understand if it is just because HW is coming out in about a month that everyone is rushing, or maybe because I'm so far behind in terms of content that I might as well not even try and tank anymore. 


I've had really good experiences with the community for the most part, except when I'm trying to tank something at later content level. 


What are some tactics people use to get past these "inconveniences" that have gone through them.


**PS. I really don't mean to sound like I'm whining or attacking people. I just really enjoy my PLD and I would love to be able to play him without getting attacked or bullied.

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