who do you choose major character from any FF game added to FFXIV ?

Freya Crescent (FF9). Dragoons are my personal favorite class in the FF lore, her being the best representation in my opinion. It would also add the option for the Burmecian race to be playable at some point >:].

That notwithstanding, I would love to have her outfit, and for similar jump-based playstyle to be supplicated into the current dragoon gameplay.


Benjamin from Mystic Quest.

Two particular reasons.

Benjamin comes from a time where Final Fantasy was still trying to get its foot in the door with the mass audience. Many will say that Mystic Quest is a terrible Final Fantasy game, and I certainly won't deny that. However, Benjamin represents something that I don't really see any more with a lot of RPGs of late. He's just a guy looking for adventure. A very simple guy with no deep back story whatsoever. He has basically the bastardization of Final fantasy by doing the complete opposite of what a Final Fantasy character should be. Considering everything in the later RPGs, it's all just these really extravagant stories that goes beyond fantasy... It has to be deep, because that's "Final Fantasy".


But Benjamin? He's plain, in a sense he's just like you. You play FFXIV because you want an experience. He went on his adventure and whatever he does, he just... does it, much like us. It's all for the thrill and the experience. Just someone looking for adventure, and I feel like that's something I kinda think would be great to add to FFXIV. Just a random guy who is fairly significant in the sense that he has a story presence, but just someone who is just looking for adventure and maybe follows you around, knowing that you'll lead him to those places. As a buddy and a pal who doesn't have anything complex about him, he just seems like the perfect companion that would either shoot the shit with you or share the experiences together. Just a simple ass character, but you can relate to him with your character just like how you relate to your own character.


Then in the end of whatever story that goes on, he doesn't have some sort of extravagant ending or anything. He'll just say "Hey, I had a lot of fun! Ring me up whenever you go on another grand adventure again" and he'll just walk away, looking for another adventure.


The second reason is because the Battle Theme from MQ is bad ass and I really want that in FFXIV.

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