First year on FIFA, probably the last..

First off this is not a wine thread. It is merely my thoughts on the game and my personal reasons why i am unlikely to be investing in another FIFA game.

I am not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination, typically my interest in football is limited to the world cup and European cup but even then i can take it or leave it. So to me FIFA 15 was just a football game that my brother in law got me to play.


I started off playing career mode but quickly tired of that and found Ultimate Team mode, which changed my life ! Game developers have long since realized that, if you can get players invested by making them feel they have something unique then you are onto a winner. This is where the Ultimate Team mode sucks you in, its your team, your players, its least that is whats implied. The reality though is that, by the time you have finished your BPL / Bundas / Seri A team, it is most likely the same as every other persons team with maybe the odd player been different and various formations. There are of cause exceptions but you get my point ? Never the less i really enjoyed building my Bundas squad, along the way i even got interested in how the real life players in my team were doing !


Now 5 months in and with EA firstly removing the Web App and then completely ruining the transfer market (lots of differing opinions on this but i personally think it is ruined and EA should not be using a game half way into its life cycle as a beta test) i found myself taking a good look at the game and asking myself if i will be buying FIFA 16. The answer at the moment is a resounding NO and here is why.


Lets be honest, Ultimate Team mode is where EA makes its money and it is where (i assume) most FIFA players spend their game time. The concept itself is fantastic with so much scope to do some really interesting things BUT what EA have given us is so shallow. Essentially what we have is a few divisions with a few different leagues in them and a hand full of tournaments. In offline mode, the difficulty is either just slightly too easy or ridiculousness hard, for a mode that supposedly has 6 difficulty levels you would think they could get this right. Personally i cant tell the difference from world class upwards.


Loan players is another example of where the concept is good but its application in game is so limited that its hardly even worth mentioning.


I could go on and on giving examples of where the game fails but in essence what i am trying to get at, is that, for the cost of the game (im including the cost if FIFA points here because really to get the most from the game you need to buy some) the content is lacking.


It really is a shame that EA waste the FIFA license the way it does, they could do so so much more with this game than they currently offer. No doubt they will continue to churn out a lazy product year on year, at lest they will while people keep buying it, which they no doubt will.


So, while i have enjoyed playing this year and will continue playing for the remainder of the year. Unless EA pull their fingers out and offer significantly more for the money they charge, i will not be buying FIFA 16 and spending even more on FIFA points to buy packs that, unless you get lucky are practically worthless. Personally i have spent around £400 on this game which to be honest makes me feel ashamed (£5 here £10 there soon adds up) and really i don't think i have got £400 value of entertainment. Like i said though i have / do enjoy the game its just a shame that EA do so little with it.

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