EA to Launch FIFA 16 at the E3 2015 in June

Game developer and publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is reportedly launching the latest iteration to its football simulation video game FIFA 16 in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 to be held on June 16 to 18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Subsequently, EA expects to roll out the game to the retail markets towards the end of September.

The game developer has yet to make any statement with regards to FIFA 16 but accordingly, it will come with a more enhanced gameplay on offer with a touch of realism to make every gamer experience a lot more realistic.

FIFA 16 will also feature new squads, stadiums, coaches, players, and staff too. EA expects to further emphasize the emotional intelligence of the game by giving it a more realistic appeal.

There have been rumors lately that one of the advancements in FIFA 16 is the artificial intelligence of the goalkeeper so players should expect to see goalkeepers standing in the center circle during the game.

FullFIFA stated that FIFA 15, despite undergoing major improvements in the past, still has numerous areas that needed to be addressed. Most of these adjustments and enhancements were made by EA and incorporated it to FIFA 16, ensuring gamers that they will surely have their hands full on the next iteration of the football simulation video game.

EA to Launch FIFA 16 at the E3 2015 in June

Improving the Ultimate Team

While FIFA 16 has yet to officially roll out, game experts are already looking for ways to improve the Football Ultimate Team (FUT) of the upcoming installment of the series.

FUT is the most popular game mode of the franchise, amid the recent Price Range Update. Many of the gamers like to play the FUT almost on a daily basis, which prompted EA to consider it the flagship mode of the series.

Some gamers are actually pushing for the removal of the Price Range Update since they find it a bit of a hassle and according to the latest report from FullFIFA, there are three areas that should be addressed by EA to improve the FUT mode of the FIFA 16 including transfer market, gameplay, and customization.

The transfer market is an important element of the Ultimate Team that allows players to buy and sell not only players but every other type of card that gamers receive in packs. While there have been clamors from gamers to remove the trading from the FIFA 16, it could really never happen because even in real life football, trades do happen and its part of the overall picture of the game.


Gameplay in the Ultimate Team features the team chemistry that gives players boosts in their stats. It also comes with tweaks and hidden attributes that make the game more fast-paced and exciting for the majority.

There are hopes from gamers that EA should consider making some adjustments on the gameplay including the toning down of boosts, tweaking of goalkeepers’ intelligence, clarity over game chemistry, and improvements on in-game challenges.

Finally, there’s customization whose improvements may add a personal element to the Ultimate Team and would make it incredibly enjoyable for all gamers.

Some customization being considered for possible inclusion or improvements to the upcoming FIFA 16 are the Virtual Pro implementation, stadium builder, customs logos, and kit designer.

The Virtual Pro would help gamers uncover new hybrids and chemistry links during the game while a stadium builder would give players a sense of progression in the game. It is an exciting prospect no matter how fans and gamers look at it.

Customs logos or club badges would be a good addition for FIFA 16 so that players take control over their badges and have their own unique identities. Finally, the kit designer would allow gamers handling over a degree of customization and personalization. It also adds another layer of variety to the game and enables the teams of players to stand out from the rest of the pack.


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