Title and Emblem System Reworks


HeroWarz' title system is very high in potential, but, at this point in time, it is unfortunately nothing but lackluster. A few adjustments could both make this system exciting for the players and profitable for the developers. At this point in time, the titles available to players are fairly easy to obtain, and very high in variety. They give players the ability to increase or decrease a few of their characters stats so that each individual player is capable of choosing something that suits their play style. Another good point is that these status boosts are not game breaking; they are small percentages that have very little noticeable impact; a title does not make or break a character. This, unfortunately, is all that is good about the title system at the moment. 

There is no way to obtain any other title; players who have purchased founders packs will have a founders title, and players that got past a certain point in the CBT will have the CBT title. That's it; every other player is stuck with nothing but the titles that everyone unlocks from the story. I believe this shouldn't be the case; titles, like sidekicks, should be farm-able. Players should be able to obtain titles more effective than the ones they obtained in the story through various in game achievements, such as reaching a certain level or team level. Another potential way to obtain a title would be to successfully clear a certain EX dungeon 10 times in a row. There could also be titles for clearing the story on every single character. In other words, there should be an achievement system linked to the title system. Players could also do quests for alternative titles, as this game is currently missing any quests outside of the story, skill usage, and Third World. Players should also be able to obtain premium titles from the cash shop that rival these more effective titles in terms of status gain - this could serve as a shortcut for players that don't have as much time on their hands.


Titles should also be account based instead of character based, as in game names are also account based. While I understand that my Ara is not the same as my Derrick, and has not achieved the same accomplishments, the lack of an in game name distinction between the two serves to demonstrate that they belong to the same entity. Titles could be linked to teams, the entire team could be known for an individual's accomplishment. An example of this would be the "Founder" title. All players that have purchased Founder's Packages are considered founders. However, they are only allowed to have one character with the title, which makes very little sense because the player is a founder regardless of whether or not they are playing the first character they chose to main.


A final suggestion is to include titles with events; players could obtain exclusive titles by completing certain in game tasks during a predetermined period. For example, players that log in on Halloween could receive a "Spooky" title, and players that log in during Christmas could be given a "Festive" title.



Likewise, the emblem system is another system that has potential, but bears no shine. At this point in time, it is impossible for players to obtain emblems from any in game sources. It is a gear slot that can only be filled by obtaining items from infrequent events; the last emblem distributed was the 'First' emblem, and there has not been any sign of an emblem distribution event since. Emblems, like titles, should be obtainable in game through certain achievements or quests. As there are no story emblems at this point in time, I also suggest implementing story emblems. Furthermore, as emblems fill an equip slot, I believe that non-event emblems should also be obtainable as a drop in the same manner as clocks as they are both rare equips that occupy a unique slot. This would allow newer players to obtain an equip that could fill that slot, instead of having it left empty until an event rolls in. That said, event emblems should be superior to emblems obtainable through regular game play in order to allow them to retain their exclusive feel.

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