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  • @ sawyer
    35 G LETR Adena
    Nice support, especially helen who was the best! I got what I wanted in a short time! it was awesome! Aug/22/2017 14:58:31
  • @ Z
    65 G LETR Adena
    感谢Maplestoryer的工作人员提供的一流的服务。 无论是速度、信誉都无话可说。 希望Maplestoryer以后越做越好。 Aug/21/2017 03:55:32
  • @ Michel
    80 G LETR Adena
    This transaction was wonderful. The staff maintained constant communication with me until my order was complete! Thank you! Aug/20/2017 07:53:39
  • @ Custorm
    70 G LETR Adena
    Just made my second purchase, i had a quick and polite conservation with apple. The order came through really fast considering the items i bought. And there is this awesome shopping points system if you have accrued points. For people that are looking to buy more than a hundred dollars worth of stuff, take a picture of you driver's liscence or state ID before purchase to speed the process up for everyone. Again, i would recommend these guys. Thanks again! Aug/19/2017 13:59:44
  • @ Top Notch!
    90 G LETR Adena
    Have bought probably over 100 mil in madden mobile coins. These guys are great! 100% more reliable than their competitor who will leave you waiting for 4 hours. Thanks! Aug/18/2017 10:34:18
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  • Really easy to use no problems received Path Of Exile items in less than 4 minutes.
    Aug/23/2017 @ Customer
  • Their pricing for Path Of Exile Orbs, although apparently more expensive, is a lot cheaper than competition thanks to their delivery systems. Delivery time is quick and secure.
    Aug/23/2017 @ Customer
  • Fast purchase and got items instantly. Nothing to complain about.
    Aug/16/2017 @ Customer
  • Great site to sell Path Of Exile items on, easy to navigate. Support is awesome very quick to respond to any problems you may have
    Aug/16/2017 @ Customer
  • Great place to buy Path Of Exile game currency
    Aug/09/2017 @ Customer
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