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Why Madden Mobile Ultimate Freeze Could Be The Best Promo Yet?

There have been some really cool promos already, with the Thanksgiving one just ending a little while ago, but EA is back with the next one and that is called Ultimate Freeze and we are taking a closer look at this promo today. Make sure that R4PG is the best place to buy Madden Mobile coins online


What Were The Most Popular Prizes From Madden Mobile Thanksgiving Tournament?

What did you guys win during the Madden Mobile 18 All You Can Eat Tournament? Let us know if the comments below and visit our Madden section where you can buy Madden Mobile Coins very cheap.


How To Eat Tournament Prizes in Madden Mobile?

Thanks to all of your who have checked out our Hot Sale where you can buy Madden Mobile Coins cheap. Speaking of thanks, today we are looking at what awesome prizes are part of the Madden All You Can Tournament that is taking place this Thanksgiving weekend.


Madden NFL Mobile Tournament Tips

With the announcement of the first Tournament Master Player and the realization that tournament shards and trophies are what you need to get him we thought we would give a few simple Madden Mobile Tournament Tips that you can use to help you get the 300 Tournament Shards you need to get him.


New Update Madden Mobile 18 Content Is On The Way!

We have had a blast with Madden Mobile 18 and as a result we have made it so you can Madden Mobile 18 Coins in our Hot Sale so you can get more value for your money. There is some new cool content on the way for Madden Mobile and that is what we are looking at today!


Madden Mobile 18 Most Feared Packs!

The spooky season is upon us and Madden Mobile 18 is getting in on this with their Most Feared Packs that they have up on their store. These are an awesome way to not only add a little spooky fun to your game of Madden.

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Features In Madden 18 That Could Change The Game For Years To Come!

We want to share with you just a couple of the things that are in Madden 18 which we feel are going to be great and actually shape the game for years to come.


Madden 18 - 4 Confirmed Gameplay Improvements

There was a lot of exciting news revealed at this year’s E3, but EA Sports at their EA Play event also had some really cool stuff going on, especially in regards to Madden 18.


When Is The Madden 18 Release Date?

Here at R4PG, we have more than a few people in the office who are huge Madden fans. we have been doing a lot of looking around the internet to get some information on Madden 18, especially the release date