Madden NFL 18

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Top Five Defensive Players in Madden NFL 18

Top Five Defensive Players in Madden NFL 18. If you are in need of madden coins for your MUT lineup, be sure to check out our prices!


Is Investing In Madden Mobile 18 Worth It

If you are into this kind of thing and need to Madden Mobile 18 Coins get in touch and we will hook you up. Also, let us know some of the amazing deals you guys have made by flipping players.


Top Five Offensive Players in Madden 18

At the number five position is Antonio Brown’s teammate, Le’Veon Bell. Widely regarded as the best all-around running back in the NFL today, there is not much that Bell can’t do.


Is This The Worst Madden Season Yet?

So us Madden fans (which includes us here at have been playing the game for a good few weeks now and we have noticed that some people are not too happy with the way the season has started.


Is The New AH Cap In Madden Mobile 18 Foolish?

What are you guys feelings on the auction house cap in Madden Mobile 18? Will it have a deciding effect on you buying Madden NFL Mobile coins or do you see it as just pretty pointless and wish EA spent this time and energy on fixing bugs?


Be Wary Of "Free" Madden 18 Mobile Coins!

As huge fans of the Madden series, especially the mobile version of Madden 18. We hate hearing how many fans of the game get taken for a ride by sites that claim they offer “free” Madden 18 Mobile Coins

Madden NFL 18 Top News


Features In Madden 18 That Could Change The Game For Years To Come!

We want to share with you just a couple of the things that are in Madden 18 which we feel are going to be great and actually shape the game for years to come.


Madden 18 - 4 Confirmed Gameplay Improvements

There was a lot of exciting news revealed at this year’s E3, but EA Sports at their EA Play event also had some really cool stuff going on, especially in regards to Madden 18.


When Is The Madden 18 Release Date?

Here at R4PG, we have more than a few people in the office who are huge Madden fans. we have been doing a lot of looking around the internet to get some information on Madden 18, especially the release date