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At the number five position is Antonio Brown’s teammate, Le’Veon Bell. Widely regarded as the best all-around running back in the NFL today, there is not much that Bell can’t do.


Is This The Worst Madden Season Yet?

So us Madden fans (which includes us here at R4PG.com) have been playing the game for a good few weeks now and we have noticed that some people are not too happy with the way the season has started.


How To Choose The Right Madden 18 GOAT Player

As you no doubt know by now, here at R4PG.com, we are really into Madden 18! There is like a million different versions of Madden 18 and the most interesting thing that has got many of us talking about is the GOAT edition.

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  • @ Custorm
    75 K Madden 18 Coins
    Best Rsgold site ever.. Nothing else needs to be said. May/22/2018 01:26:01
  • @ Tomos
    600 K Madden 18 Coins
    I Havent bought any thing yet but WOW! $0.59 for 1M Gold Farming thats £0.37 in the United Kingdom!!! WOW !! I Would Actually pay £5 for 1M :O I am gonna buy something soon ! May/21/2018 01:30:01
  • @ Custorm
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    i found this site a few days ago and the first thing that caught my eye was the verisign logo which told me it was free of keyloggers and viruses, i fiddled around and finally decided to make an order. i bought 9m and recieved my order within minutes! it was fantastic! so i played for a while and decided i wanted more. i started a week ago and have now bought 50m in rs gold and plan to buy more in the near future. they handle all transactions with a professional manner and i am very pleased with my service. thank Website keep up the good work! rich. May/20/2018 00:23:07
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    65 K Madden 18 Coins
    I ordered enchanted keys and they finished the delivery in only an hour. Very satisfied with their service. May/19/2018 00:55:04
  • @ liam
    35000 K Madden 18 Coins
    hey my account got hacked by some random last week and i was wondering if i where to buy an account from you guys how would i get the account deatails off you May/18/2018 00:46:26
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