Sharing a Thank You Letter from our customer, thanks for Kevin Ho's Support

Sharing a Thank You Letter from our customer, thanks for Kevin Ho

We have been getting trust and support from you since the establishment of R4PG. And we know that our each step moving ahead is due to your attention, trust, support and participation. We appreciate your each participation, suggestion which make us do more improvement. And we get more and more confidence and power because of you, and our company grows stronger and stronger because of you. We got the reviews and Thank You Letter to us from Kevin Ho who is a very good guy and easy to communicate.


He said on his Twitter:

Check it out guys, this is where i get my in-game currencies. The prices are low and the stock is on top.


And he also reviewed us on instagram:

Check it out guys, this is where i get my in-game currencies. The prices are low and the stock is on top, had few problems but nothing that Lucy the support assistance and Jack the great community mananger couldn't fix.

Tried few sites like and but their services was poor and everything is overpriced.

Overall everything is great, a big thumps up for Jack & Lucy.


At last, he post a comment on Facebook:

The staff is excellent s/o to Jack the community mananger and Lucy of the support department.

Their prices are low and delivery are always on point.

Totally recommending this to everyone i know.



We appreciate Kevin Ho's support and review. We realize the importance to treat each customer sincerely. We are very happy that Kevin Ho likes our service and trusts R4PG. Because of your trust, we have more motivation and confidence to work, R4PG can go more smoothly. As a Trove Flux, Path of Exile Currency, Madden NFL Coins and other online game currency supplier, we have experienced many years development, and there are many good reviews to us and also negative ones. But we think all of those reviews can encourage us to offer good service. We promise that we will do our best to offer better support and treat each customer as our God. We cannot go further without you!


If you like our service or have good suggestions, you can leave your words on the below websites:

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