What Were The Most Popular Prizes From Madden Mobile Thanksgiving Tournament?

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The Madden Mobile 18 All You Can Eat Tournament was really popular, many players had a blast with this and a lot of people even scored all the possible prizes which is awesome to hear. We know by the number of people who came here to buy Madden Mobile 18 Coins that this was a tournament most Madden Mobile 18 players wanted to be part of. Well a few of us in the R4PG.com office went all in with this tournament and we wanted to share with you what kind of things we got.

What Were The Most Popular Prizes From Madden Mobile Thanksgiving Tournament?

It is worth noting that as well as using the R4PG.com office, we had a good look on YouTube to see what some of the popular Madden Mobile 18 players were getting.


We will admit that no one here managed to get all 30 wins, but we still scored big, many of us picked up Black Friday tickets to use on the sale on awesome items they were having. Interestingly when it came to the 20 win tier, we have two people take the Most Feared Player and one take the Elite Stacked Player. We felt that it was good to take as many players as you could get as there really was no bad ones at all as part of this promo.


Madden Mobile is a very interesting game and so is the player base as when you look at what some of the "pro" players on YouTube did with their winnings, many took the Madden Cash and the Black Friday tickets every time they could and ignored any players. We found this a very interesting strategy as it does mean you have more money and tickets to use, but we always think when you have the chance to get a high tier player, you need to take it.


What did you guys win during the Madden Mobile 18 All You Can Eat Tournament? Let us know if the comments below and visit our Madden section where you can buy Madden Mobile Coins very cheap.

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