MU Legend new A glossary

Our goal is to add here some definitions of words you will see everywhere along your online gaming life! We'll start with the easy ones and go deeper and deeper, for the Beginners, sometimes also called "Noobs". By the way… What's a noob?

Noob: the noob is the beginner, the new-comer. The etymology for "noob" comes from newbie.

 MU Legend new A glossary

Basic armors, basic weapons, basic pets. Introducing: The n00bs.

Now this term explained, let's see the basics, the holy trinity of MMOs: "DPS, Tank and Heal"

DPS: this acronym stands for “Damage Per Second”. Initially, it's just an indicator to evaluate the attack power of a weapon or your character. As some players started to compare their DPS values, it slowly shifted as a synonym for the damage dealer characters… The ones with the highest DPS in the party!

Tank: Imagine a vehicle with huge armor that can withstand the assault of enemies… That's precisely the role of the tank in your team. While the damage dealers are doing their business, you need someone to keep the focus of the enemy. The tank will make sure he stays the highest priority target. Another way to see it, is that the character has so much health points, he is an HP tank, never depleting this quantity of life… well, that's the theory at least!

Heal: If you play in a party, you might see that often, players begging for a heal. The healers are characters that have abilities to refill the health points of a character but also remove some curses and debuffs. The healer *is* your friend! (…And the ideal scapegoat when you lose!)

One last for the road? Important hint for the following one, you will have to use it a lot on MU Legend, we are talking about the famous acronym LFG.


Alone? Looking for a kickass party? Shout "LFG" in the world chat!

“LFG!”: At the entrance of a dungeon, it is most likely someone “Looking For a Group”, that player needs a party to accomplish the mission. Another option: This poor soul is Looking For a Guild.

We wanted to start with the very easy ones. Now it's your turn! 

Here are a few of YOUR suggestions! If you think something is missing, add it in the comments.

WTB: Want to Buy - use this in the chat if you are looking for a specific item.

WTS: Want to Sell - sometimes there are items you don't need, sell them to another player.

WTT: Want to Trade - this item is not for you own class, trade it for another one.

AFK: Away for Keyboard - you can say this to your guildmates if you need to leave the PC for a while.

PvP: Players vs Players - this gathers all activities where the players fight against each other.

PvE: Player vs Environment - this gathers all activities where players fight against the IA of the game.

JOB & JOS: Jewel of Bless & Jewel of Soul - Those are 2 very important resources on the continent of MU.

Comment below if there are some words or acronyms that you would like to add to this list and their definition! We will update this article and make it available to read for all of the visitors of our Facebook page!

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