Request EverQuest Next Class Release Information Periodically

As we begin to move closer to EQN , I would like it if the Dev's could possible begin to do a Class reveal. Basically, Name of Class..kinda like SOE Live, We know Warrior, Wizard, Tempest, Cleric. Some new ones will come...many traditional. However We hope to spark more new players who never have played this game style so lets go over it!.


Where did this class come from?

Who was the founder?

When was it born?

what are the weapons of preference?

What is this class purpose or purposes?

Basics sources of power?

History maybe a short story of the Class founder?

Picture if it exist 10 maybe short video?

It be nice to get info every month or two on a class...and hey with about 40 to go through that is almost 4 years worth of info you could slowly leak....point being it will help feed hype and your not going to run out of info to release. Also it lets people begin to think about the classes and maybe give feed back on what they see. Loved what I saw at SOE Live but the info leak is rather slow these days. a Guy made a wise crack at SOE live that can we expect to see more classes soon or do we have to wait till next SOE Live ...course the crowed went hoooo! but seriously we know SOELive isn't happening so...??? Basically we got a glimps of Monk Lore in "From Ashes Comes Fire" book. we got a video of cleric and tempest and warrior and wizard from SOE...can we consolidate this information into something nicer? Just a Request from a fan who wants to see the community to continue to grow.

Request EverQuest Next Class Release Information Periodically

I get its a slow process but it is moving. More buildings and race discussions and lore is released periodically. EQN will happen just a mater of time. Remember it's new technology and they want a dynamic world so they need many variety of building designs for each race and that's where landmark comes in. Wipe is soon and all sorts of new stuff is coming in for us to test out some for EQN.


Did you say Building and Race discussions..? (LOL) Don't you think SOE/Daybreak is well beyond the discussion stage..? Internally, SOE should already have all the concept artwork and layout of Norrath done. It should've been done for well over a few years now.

No matter what engine you use to actually build the game world, SOE should already have all the lore, concept art, building design all done. Leaving the only thing SOE/Daybreak needed to do is actually make the game. Not design it.

Instead, racial discussions and how to make a building is still dominating EQ-speak...? All the classes... all the classes homelands & biomes... all the hereditary lore should have already been done and set in stone for many years.

Instead we have Rosie Rappaport on a Video talking about conceptual artwork and how "we" can help make EQn. They have to stop this, it is laughable... to have some lady each month creep us out, telling us how "WE" should make things... instead of her actually doing it. Instead of Her (and SOE/Daybreak) actually showing the world something SOE/Daybreak built.

EQn project is a total farce.

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