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Here at R4PG, you can buy NHL 18 Points, the ingame currency of NHL 18. Make sure to have enough Points to craft the perfect equipment for your character and purchase useful items. Buy HUT 18 Points now at R4PG Internet Game! R4PG has staff playing NHL 18 24/7 and they work diligently to farm as much points as possible.


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  • @ Mike
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    The best website i have seen. You pay them. they get right on your account. and if it takes long thats probably cause you ordered something like ags. i mean come on there people they can only do so much. Mar/28/2017 01:04:57
  • @ Custorm
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    Very nice people, really quick! A++ Mar/27/2017 02:36:20
  • @ Custorm
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    Ive used this website three times now. Everytime it was legit! Thanks!!! Mar/25/2017 00:34:21
  • @ Nick
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    I bought 30m for 16$ great deal! i was wondering how long this would take and possibly the method of which you farm this thx Website roolz Mar/24/2017 03:34:58
  • @ Byron
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    You guy's are fucking AWSOME!!!!!!! ima buy again and again from this site =] Mar/23/2017 07:59:52
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