Nioh, also known as Nioh Online, is a action role-playing game for PlayStation 4, developed and published by Team Ninja in 2017. Out of every game scheduled for release this year i am most excited for Nioh, i played the beta and i honestly got the same gratification i had when i played Dark Souls 1 which was my first Souls game, Nioh is 100% a goty contender in my opinion. That said the game currency which is most popularly referred to as NIOH Gold is a prized possession which can take the player through many hiccups, smoothly. We can deliver NIOH Power leveling very quickly, because we have a lot of suppliers, and we have signed contract with them, this has ensured us large stock.

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What Was MU Legend CBT 2 Like?

Ok so many people got hooked on the MU Legend closed beta and I was one of them. When I buy MU Legend Zen I already have some ideas on what I would like to buy with it.


Revelation Online – Plenty of Reasons to Play!

With new MMORPG’s coming out on a near-weekly basis, it’s hard to come across one that is worth both your time and effort. Well, I can quite confidently say that after spending some significant time in Revelation Online that this right here is an MMO that’s worth a chance – and I’m going to give you a number of reasons on why that is exactly the case.


Buy Cheap MU Legend Zen On

MU Legend Zen(ML Zen) is the main currency in MU Legend. All Mu Legend Online players want to get more Mu Legend Zen, just like people in real world wish to get more money, and You can buy anything in game use Zen. But how can players get more Zen? There are many ways to make more Zen in MU Legend.