A Beginner's Guide to PoE Prophecy

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The expedition on the mainland of Valkras is always accompanied by unknown dangers. Fortunately, the goddess is always happy to look after these heroic and exiled emigres. For the show, after every battle, the huge body of the monster scars fell to the ground, and some spoils will be scattered as a lucky gift. Give the warriors who fight for bloody battles. These drops include resources in all aspects of the game, various currencies used as PoE currency, as well as a wide variety of pharmacy, equipment, jewelry, etc. Among these many spoils, one item is very special, it will It's about an interesting regular gameplay in the game.


When the exiles passed the test of ordinary and cruel difficulty, they arrived at the ruthless difficulty all the way. During the battle, they had the opportunity to encounter the animation effect of a purple streaming disc, accompanied by a crisp drop of sound. It means that the protagonist of this article, the silver coin, debuts. The exile who came for the first time may be puzzled by the use of the silver coin. Let us have a deeper understanding of the purpose of the silver coin and its positive role in the road of exile.


First of all, we need to understand how silver coins are used. On the rocky hillside of the first scene of ruthless difficulty (must be ruthless), we will save a mysterious prophet, Navali. In return, she will be stationed at various safe havens to reveal prophecies for exiles, and the exiles who seek her prophecy will have to pay a small price. A silver coin may be a good choice.


A Beginner


How to Acquire the Prophecy? 


1.  Open with Silver Coins  

Talk to Navali and start a prophecy by clicking on the “Seeking for Prophecy” option. The shortcut "H" helps us quickly navigate through the prophecies that have been opened, with up to seven predictions for each character at the same time. The exiles who have tried the prophecy game must have noticed that there are many kinds of prophecies. In simple terms, the prophecy is actually "something that must happen", and the clues given by the prophecy description will trigger in a specific scene. Predicting that when the conditions are met, the prophecy will be rewarded. Of course, some prophecies are mere simple prophecies, and there is no substantial reward. Such prophecies may even make your exploration journey more difficult, only to reveal the corresponding difficulty of prophecy. The prophecy can be reached, that is, the prophecy sought at the general difficulty will only be reached on the general difficulty.


2. Purchase Seal Prediction

If the revealed prophecy does not conform to your own mind, you can also seal the prophecy and sell it to other players you need by consuming silver coins. The amount of silver coins required to predict the seal is also different. It should be noted that if you use the bound silver coin to seal the prophecy, then the predicted stone will be bound.


How to Complete the Prophecy? 


There are as many as ten categories in the prediction. For details, please refer to http://poedb.tw/cn/item.php?cn=Prophecy


Most of these kinds of prophecies do not have too harsh triggering conditions, as long as the prophecy can be completed according to the prophecy. Here we focus on three kinds of prophecies, which are also the more active trading resources on the market.


1. Legendary Prophecy

This kind of prophecy is the easiest way to capture some kind of legendary equipment. If the predicted monster is defeated in the prophecy description, the corresponding legendary item will be dropped.


For example, the legend of "Ross Legend" in the following picture, through prophecy, we can learn that the target that needs to be searched and defeated is "a powerful believer of Ouke", and those who are interested in exile should soon associate with the second chapter. The human monster in the map of the wetland, yes, the "Ock believers" in the wetland have a very dense distribution, and the so-called "powerful" means that the target we need to defeat must be a rare enemy, that is, with a yellow The name "Ock's Believers".


What needs special attention here is that if we activate the prophecy of the legend of Roth and try to defeat the rare monster "Ock's Believers" in the plot map, then the Luosi legend longbow that it drops is based on the game binding rules. It will also be bound. If you want to avoid the problem of binding, you need to choose to achieve the prophecy in the outer world. In the map of the alien world, the map with the distribution of human monsters often has "Ok's believers" active, the monster in the outer world. The fallen [Ross Legend] will not be bound.


2. Fatalism Prophecy

Some low-level legendary equipment seems to be unremarkable, but fatalistic prophecies can give them the effect of "spotting gold." This kind of prophecy is simply an upgrade to a certain legendary equipment, and the upgrade condition is to defeat the designated monster while holding the legendary equipment. For example, in the following picture, the author reveals a fatal prophecy called "The End of the Ancient Age", which requires the defeat of Val super-spirit on the premise of equipment longbow "destruction." It should be noted that the equipment must be defeated in the current weapon bar to defeat the designated monster to upgrade the equipment, and the storage in the secondary weapon bar will not be able to reach the prophecy, so if you feel that you need to respond to the weak partner after switching weapons, you can try Team up, after the teammates defeat the monster, as long as you hold the prophetic weapon to assist, the weapon will also be upgraded.



Different from the legendary prophecy, the weapon upgraded by "Destiny Prophecy" will determine whether the weapon is bound after the upgrade according to its binding state, that is, the weapon used is not bound, then even by killing BOSS in the plot map, the upgraded weapon is also not bound.


3. Pale Parliament Prophecy Chain

Among the many kinds of prophecies, some prophecies will appear in the form of chains, such as the four prophetic chains of the pale council: the big beast of the disease, the king of beasts, the whisper of whispers, and the immortal queen. They are usually triggered sequentially in the form of a 1-5 chain. Most of these prophecies also require the defeat of the designated monster, but after reaching the V-order prophecy, defeating the designated monster will drop a special map fragment. Completing the four prophecies will result in four different pieces of prophecy. Putting four pieces of prophecy into a drawing in a circular pattern will open the door to challenge the pale council, and the parliament will touch the longbow. It will be one of the great rewards.


The essence of prophecy is to provide another possible way to increase strength. Exiles can still get the dark gold equipment they need by routinely dropping. Of course, some of the prophecies that are specific to the prophecy are exceptions, such as the touch of the parliament, asceticism, etc., which can only be obtained through prophecy.


Don't underestimate the small silver coins in your hand. In the Path of Exile, it may be the key to opening the door to wealth, which is no less than the coins that are expected to be thrown into the lucky pool. What are you waiting for? Bring the silver coins to Navali to reveal the possibilities!


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