Learn the basics in Path of Exile

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Are you trying to learn how to use the Path of Exile currency or just want to get started with the game fast and easy? Here you have a quick guide that will help you get started, so check it out!

Learn the basics in Path of Exile

You can press O for Options


In the Options menu you get to pick options like sound, UI and input. Make sure that you set the sound to software, otherwise you end up with crashes. On top of that, in regards to the UI you should consider the option to show corner map active, as this will make the process fast and easy. You should also choose to show the mini bars on allies and the enemies to make the fights easier. When it comes to Input, set the skills 4-7 to the first 4 numeric keys if you want.


Pressing F1


Once you press F1 you will be able to see some relevant information here such as the frame time, FPS and latency. The latency should be under 100ms if you want to have the game playable, try to close some of the internet-based apps to help with this.




Your stash is located in 3 different villages. This is the best place where you can store your items and the Path of Exile orbs. Make sure that you come here often and place the stuff you want to sell or which has a higher level than you.


Learn the colors


There are many colored items in the game. White items have no power, the blue ones have magical powers, then you have the rare yellow ones which have improved magic and lots of added powers. Brown items are rare and the magic is very improved. Corrupted items are those items that you will not be modified even if you own Path of Exile orbs.


Use the right rings


If you want to wear rings, focus on those that have good points for item rarity, elemental resistance and life.


How can you level up?


There are many quests you get in town which allow you to level up fast and easy. Plus, you can always kill new creatures and you will see the XP bar fill up.


Using the skill tree


You can access that via the P key on your keyboard. Skills will help you boost your abilities. Focus on a single path and improve each skill. Pay attention to passives as they can help quite a bit. Also, try to invest in a few active abilities if you want to play faster and easier.




Remember that you should place various gems inside the gear sockets. We recommend you to link gems to one another, this will be an active gem that delivers an astounding value!


Where to sell items


Go to the vendors in towns and encampments, such as Yeena, Greust, Clarissa and Hargan. Sell the vendors stuff like the low level gems, unnecessary rings, however try to buy potions and Path of Exile Orbs as this is very important.


Check out these great ideas, as they will help you get started with the game. If you are a fan of Path of Exile or you are just getting started with the game, check out this guide right away as it will be a helpful way to get started!

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