Path of Exile Beginners Full Guide

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To be honest, Path of Exile is not a new player friendly game at all, if you are new to this game, you'd better read our Poe Guide Features to find some good ways to make money and some good build to start with. Today, I am going to show you a full guide for Path of Exile new players.


So firstly. I'm causing this to be guided since I see way but too many people ask exactly the same question again and again. ''is this worth anything'', ''is my build ok'', ''did they create the bosses more difficult'', ''what maps to shape'', ''what are maps'' and other great tales.


Path of Exile Beginners Full Guide


I'll write this informative guide for new players in addition to maybe older players. I'll attempt to answer any question that's someone has whether it's reasonable.


Remember google also exists Please avoid questions which are faster to locate on the internet. I have even seen questions as ''how will I make use of a knowledge scroll''. Is not it more enjoyable to sometimes look for a factor out yourself rather than have all the features given by spoon?



Select a build, there are lots of many youtubers/ develop the PoE forums. Simply to name a couple of with links: Mathilification, Zizaran, LiftingNerd Gaming, Poe forums


So many people say the first character is really a ''throw away char'', this does not have to be, why waste hrs of your time to simply dispose of it without any returns. use among the following people's build or any other u like. obtain a feeling for that game, find out more about it, farm Poe Currency even if it's slow. after you can help make your own build you farmed some Poe Currency so it ought to be pretty easy to begin.


Quick tip: Try to obtain your resists capped, this really is at 75% after finishing act 5 u get -30 res so u want to get 105% actual (in game if u press C, if it's 75 or greater u good) after finishing act 10 u get -60% res so u choose 135%.


Do your normal lab before finishing act 5 Do cruel and cruel before finishing act 10


If making your personal build, use pathofbuilding Download here it's an excellent easy tool that allows you to apply points and equipment and calculates your DPS, life, res etc. only a quick tip, don't even make use of builds which do under 150k dmg full geared, u will reach t10 maps and that is it.



Observe that if making your personal build, do not perform the mistake many people do and go straight for dmg, balance it with life/res/armour and dmg. a great factor to strive for is 185-205 % corporation health


Too many people worry I do not do enough dmg, I died, my gear suck in early game ''acts'', I am saying don't be concerned about this, play with the functions people for assistance as needed, start gearing when you buying Poe currency from the gold sellers like R4PG, PoecurrencyBuy and Poe4orbs, not all players would like to make money personally.


Now that you are in the game

Play your build, do anything you like. But don't attempt to over level to much as your exp gains is going to be way less by having an exp penalty. Some suggestions: Find gear with higher existence and resists Boots with movement speed help alot to (they are mods on boots that signifies 10-30% elevated movement speed) Don't pay people that will help you kill someone else in charge, either die a lot of occasions and relish the game (more sensible choice imo u learn how to sidestep etc) or type /global820 and request help there (more about global 820 later) Most products u will discover before mapping are often pretty bad, since there is a lower item lvl if you look for a weapon at lvl 2, please dont ask if this sounds like ''worth'' alot, 99.99% of times it is not


Simply have fun while doing the functions 1-10 its most likely among the only occasions u may have fun doing them, after making ur tenth char or something like that it is pretty boring.


Entering Maps

Another person designed a newbie guide for maps I'll leave that here, its very good, ill go more descriptive here on maps. So once you have read the guide, I must note 1 factor onto it, do only t1-9 and then leave 10 open for shaping.


What exactly would you wanna shape now's requested A Great Deal. This really is from my experience and can most likely change until more and more people achieve greater finish maps and combined efforts to consider it.


T10 - Dunes


T11 - Racecourse/spider forest [forest for something new of the physician card, racecourse for excellent and simple map]


T12 - Ashen wood (I love to do vaults to for that currency cards however this can be you)


T13 - Shore (not 100% sure about this one yet, maybe nerfed way too hard)


T14 - Promenade


T15 - whatever u understand it's mainly for selling anyway may as well do all of them


T16 - do all


Quick note, attempt to get 167% res here because there are map mods (curse) that lower the res -37%


General stuff and questions

Prices products/ knowing if it is good


The is really an Ahk that teaches you what tier the rolls of individuals products come with an example: 6 t1 Rolls like triple res, life, armour and corporation armour will be a mirror tier item. Download the Ahk here


let's focus on general price, when the item has low rolls [ I have seen too many people ask 10 life 10 light fire cold res if it is worth anything ] it is simply upright vendor trash, make use of the Ahk to be aware what tier off rolls the product has. Don't even make use of a lot of t4 or lower products.


once you have done might have like 2 t1 rolls and a pair of t3 rolls [ For instance] Visit or both of them are thirdthird-partyng and selling sites where one can search for products to trade but additionally see around what cost yours is. For the time being is slow and it has still products on the website which have been offered 20min ago, I've not attempted another site yet but people confirmed it really works better then does for the time being.


Just how does work with cost checking? let us if you have a belt with 3 t1 rolls, t1 existence t1 fire res and t1 cold res (you realize this out of your ahk/learned them from your mind) visit ''type'' and choose belt.a and base, the bottom hour belt is, for instance, huge belt. then you definitely scroll lower to mods press and add ''to maximum life'' and press min:90 (t1 existence starts at 90 as much as 99) add another mod, this time around ''#% to fireplace res'' and min: 46 (t1 res start at 46 as much as 48) Do that for cold also. scroll a mid more lower (press alt on ur item to determine the product lvl) at itemlvl do ur item lvl in the min box. let us say 84. now simply press enter and find out in which the prices start, most likely around 40c or something like that in cases like this, so do not list ur belt up for 10c or something like that.


Can't I simply farm maps before killing the act 10 boss and so i convey more resists


NO, you cannot connect to the maps prior to the quest is performed and also you arrived at the epilogue.


At what lvl must I do normal lab


30 or more, lab got nerfed pretty hard so it's very easy to complete on lvl 30, if you won't want to risk it get it done at 35-40 simply do it before act 5 is completed to fret less about resists.


I've discovered an exalted orb/eternal/mirror exactly what do I actually do?


If you do not understand what these do, don't get scammed from these and keep them, they are high-value currencies employed for buying and selling but mainly for crafting afterward.


Did the bosses get more powerful?


For that passion for god, u joining a brand new league please browse the patch notes. Yes, they buffed the bosses.


1 last factor, Join /global820 chat, there are plenty of dicks inside, just ignore them. but there's also people much like me who can help you, had a question, ask it (just ignore those who say your mother and stuff..) need assistance having a boss? ask inside. Also, people publish where they found uber lab trials and allow you to join free of charge, or daily master rotations so u could possibly get 5x the exp u would get rather of just one and that.


You can leave all your questions below, if you have any more troubles when playing Path of Exile, R4PG can not only provide best orbs in poe but also best solutions for all players, we will help you to enjoy more fun in this game.

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