Path of Exile Blight Top Marauder Builds

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Blight League brings many skill changes and new tower defense themes, r4pg also prepared PoE 3.8 Marauder Builds for players, including Berserker, Chieftain, Juggernaut. Players can choose some as league starter builds. When you get some poe currency, you can also challenge powerful builds worth investing in.

Path of Exile Blight Top Marauder Builds


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Marauder Berserker

[3.8] PoE Cyclone Berserker Build Full Physical - Cheap, SSF friendly

[3.8] PoE Ancestral Warchief Berserker League Starter Build - All Content | ~2-6M+


[3.8] PoE Cyclone Berserker Build Full Physical - Cheap, SSF friendly


Skill Gems (all support are listed in order of importance DPS-wise)

Int. required: 117 (24 from tree, 93 req.), dex. required : 155 (34 from tree, 121 req.).

Main skill (6l, GRBGRR): (Vaal) Cyclone + Brutality + Infused Channeling + Impale + Fortify + Pulverise (more AoE clearing) OR Melee Phys Dmg (better for bosses) OR Rage

Single target helper (4-6l, RRRRGR): (Vaal) Ancestral Warchief + Ancestral Protector + Multiple Totems + Brutality + Impale + Melee Phys Dmg

Travel skill (2-3l, RGR): Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic (not needed, especially w/ -X to Total Mana Cost of Skills on ring(s))

Auras (4s, 2l needed, RRRR): Pride + Flesh & Stone (Blood stance) + Maim + Dread Banner

Utility / Buffs:

  • Enduring Cry (R, warcry, endurance charges) OR Endurance Charge on Melee Stun (R, support) on your Travel skill.
  • (Vaal) Molten Shell (R, defensive ability to absorb damages), or Steelskin if armour is too low. Can be lvl 14 to fit in CwDT setup if preferred.
  • Curse (2l, RR vulne, RB enfeeble) : Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1 w/ vulne or lvl 8/12 w/ enfeeble) + Vulnerability (lvl 5, offense) OR Enfeeble (lvl 11/15, defense).
  • Blood Rage (G, help clearing w/ frenzy charges / atk spd, careful with the degen we don't counter 50 Rage + Blood Rage w/ our life regen, you need to leech actively)
  • Berserk (R) is a possibility for a burst, though losing all our Rage seems like a bad idea. To keep for bosses or for a Legion encounter, etc. Especially if you know you'll lose your Rage soon after.

You may not take all these utility gems (but you can if your Leap Slam is on a 2l only). Especially since we've an issue here : The skill bar is too small. My skill bar will look like this :

  • Move only | Auras cast and then Vaal Ancestral Warchief, Blood Rage | Cyclone
  • Leap Slam | Ancestral Warchief | Ancestral Protector | Berserk | Enduring Cry

Path of Building Links:

More Details:



[3.8] PoE Ancestral Warchief Berserker League Starter Build - All Content | ~2-6M+

  • + ~ 6k Life
  • + ~2k ES
  • + 8-10k armor
  • + 40% phys damage reduction (82% with Crab Barriers)
  • + Immune to Bleed
  • + Slayer Life Leech
  • + High Mobility
  • + High Survivability
  • + Doesnt require expensive Gear
  • - no phys reflect
  • - Sometimes hard to get Rage and Blitz on Bosses
  • - advanced playstyle, not for beginners


This Build works around the Berserker Ascendancy "Rite of Ruin" and "Blitz". The Ascendancy "Rite of Ruin" triple the effect of Rage, and Blitz give you almost all time 40% more Attack speed. Together with the Berserk Buff. which consumes Rage and give more Multiplier to Attack Speed.

Alltogether these "charges" up your Totems, which is the Main Damage Source for Bosses.

We use Cyclone or Flicker Strike for Leech and Fortify and I use Ancestral Warchief Totems for Single Target. Once Rage and Blitz Stacks are on maximum Stacks, you can then Weapon Swap to the High DPS Weapon (Starforge / Doomsower) and use your Totems together with Double Strike for Single Target.

Path of Building Links:

More Details:


Marauder Chieftain

[3.8] PoE Fire Blade Vortex Chieftain - Fast , Tanky, Possible Starter

[3.8] Zens Holy PoE Chieftain Purifying Flame - Totem Chieftain


[3.8] PoE Fire Blade Vortex Chieftain - Fast , Tanky, Possible Starter

  • + Very balanced, can do any content
  • + Tanky : 8k+ life, 76% elemental res, good armor with flask (synergizes well with vaal molten shell), cwdt+ic, good regen and life leech
  • + Flexible & scalable, can be a starter character
  • + Top tier clear speed
  • + Boss killer, high DPS and burst with vaal gems
  • - Can't do elemental reflect maps
  • - Relies on flasks to be more effective during clearing, "piano flasking"
  • - You aren't invincible and need some knowledge to anticipate damage burst from enemies and use preventively long cooldown skills, I'll talk about that later



-Nothing much complicated, we stack blade vortex then we use our flasks and phase run to rush the enemies, explode them and recharge quickly our flasks.

-With good positionning, we don't need any flasks to kill bosses, they die quickly.

-Armageddon Brand is useful to debuff foes and lower their resistances, get some life leech while staying at distance or make some ranged kills (can also help versus "shoot spikes on death" monsters, which can kill us in no time if we don't pay attention).

-We use vaal Blade Vortex and Righteous Fire to burst, gain external dps sources and huge boost to spell power. Very useful for bossing, immortal syndicate or legion packs.

-A last note about vaal molten shell, this is the most powerful defensive buff we have in our setup, if you learn to use it efficiently it'll save you a lot from death(s).
This spell takes a % of your total armor and somehow convert it as a "shield" which absorb a tons of damage (13500 in my case) during 20s~. Heavy damage incoming ? No problem ! Use your granite flask, trigger the spell and enjoy :D

Path Of Building Link:

More details:



[3.8] Zens Holy PoE Chieftain Purifying Flame - Totem Chieftain


  • + very tanky
  • + great single target damage
  • + good clear speed
  • + budget friendly
  • + easy to gear for
  • + well balance between QoL, Damage and Survivability
  • + cpapble of every content in the game
  • + easy to level, SSF, HC and league start viable
  • + off meta, makes it cheap
  • - sadly fps suck sometimes
  • - no shatter/herald effect, which was a pro for me tbh (after playing hundrets of HoI builds this one was a appriciated change)
  • - Wise Oak requires balnced resists
  • - no anti freeze flaks 


Gems Setup

Body Armour: Purifying Flame, Elemental Focus, Controlled DestructionAdded Fire DamageConcentrated EffectFire Penetration

Gloves: Immortal Call, Cast When Damage TakenCold Snap, Summon Lightning Golem

Boots:  Molten ShellCast When Damage TakenVaal Righteous FireIncreased Duration

Helmet: Enduring Cry, Spell Totem, Multiple TotemsWave of Conviction

Weapon1: Storm Brand, Increased Critical Strikes, Combustion

Weapon2: Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Elemental Weakness

Swap Multiple Totems and Incr AoE for Fire Pen and Conc Effect for bosses. Use Enduring cry in angerousSituations and to generate Endurance Charges with it. I use Cold Snap for frenzy charges while mapping.

Path of Building Pastebin:

More Details:


Marauder Juggernaut

[3.8] Diabloyd's PoE Cyclone Juggernaut Build Avatar of Voidforge

[3.8] Hybrid's take on Juggernaut Molten Strike - Hold right click to TANK anything | MELT the Atlas |


[3.8] Diabloyd's PoE Cyclone Juggernaut Build Avatar of Voidforge - 7K+ HP / 3~4M+ Shaper DPS

The basic concept of the build is using Avatar of Fire and the underrated Voidforge, with some damage conversion and tons of fire resistance reduction, dealing decent damage without investing in any crazy expensive shit.  And, at the same time, being a THICC JUGG. 


Body Armour 3R2B1G:

6L: Vaal Cyclone - Fortify- Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion -

Infused Channelling - Melee Physical Damage / Pulverise

If 5L:

Vaal Cyclone - Fortify - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion - Infused Channelling

4L, 2R2B:

Cast When Damage Taken(lvl 1) - Wave of Conviction (under level 7)

- Increased Duration (max lvl & quality) - Assassin's Mark/Enfeeble (lvl 5)

3L, 3R:

Cast when Damage Taken(Max lvl) - Immortal Call (Max lvl & quality) - Increased Duration(Max lvl & quality)

Auras/Mana reservation skills

-Hatred  Good damage buff, especially with the Watcher's eye.
-Blood and sand  Use blood form for more damage, and sand form for more AoE.
-Flesh and Stone (optional)  You gain no extra damage from the blood form, but you can have an extremely good defensive buff with the sand form that provides nearby blind and less damage taken from far away.
-Herald of Ash (optional)  Damage is not ideal for single target, but can help with the clearing (and you have a chance to showcase your herald MTX)
-Herald of Purity (optional)  Good damage buff.
Aspect of the Spider (optional)  Hinders the enemies, and gives you roughly 13-14% more damage since we only have "covered in ash" as another "damage taken increased" modifier.

Other skills:

-Blood Rage  Good damage buff. Keep it up all the time.
-Leap Slam  A good travel skill, you can also use other ones like Dash or Frostblink.
-Vaal Ancestral Warchief.

Path Of Building :

More details:



[3.8] Hybrid's take on Juggernaut Molten Strike - Hold right click to TANK anything | MELT the Atlas |

  • + VERY tanky: many layers of defense
  • + Lots of life: 9k without GG gear
  • + Lots of damage
  • + Can do all content
  • + Excellent lab runner
  • + Fast mapping
  • + Can start on a budget, a good league starter too
  • + Scales greatly with better gear
  • + No clunky mechanics
  • + Can do any map mod, rippy maps isnt a big deal anymore
  • - Not a "ZOOM ZOOM" character like deadeye TS\KB (but is it really a con? :P)
  • - Could get expensive if you try to min\max the build


Where the tankiness comes from?

  • we scale lots of life from tree and gear
  • capping resistances (OFC!)
  • armor and endurance chargers to mitigate hits
  • we get life from 3 sources: regen, leech and life gained on hit

We abuse the mod "life gain for each enemy hit by your attack" with the molten strike balls. Each ball that hits a monster grant us INSTANT life and with 14 balls per swing multiplied by ~12.5 attacks per sec we get TONS of life.


Helmet:(6L) Molten Strike - Multistrike - Combustion Ancestral Call

You get Immolate and Conc effect from the helmet's elder mods so they are automatically linked. For hard single targets swap Ancestral Call with Elemental Damage With Attacks.

SwordWhirling Blades - Faster Attacks Blood Magic

You can use fortify instead of BM.

Shield/2nd swordAnger- Herald of Ash - Enlighten

Enlighten gives us more room to breath with the mana, also its a great QOL in no mana regen maps. Anger and Herald of Ash gives more damage.

BootsCast With Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Summon Lightning Golem Ancestral Protector

The totem wont proc with CWDT, just there for the attack speed boost on bosses.

GlovesBlood Rage

Gives attack speed and frenzy charges on kill for even more AS.


Path Of Building :

More Details:


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