POE 3.3 Righteous Fire BD Game Raiders

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The path of exile is a MMOARPG developed by the enthusiast-class Diablo diehard powder for ten years. In version 3.3, the relevant changes were made to the whole profession. The Righteous Fire is an old BD gameplay, because it is easy to operate, in a certain case, it reflects a little slowness. The following small series brings the path of exile 3.3 the BD game of Righteous Fire, I hope to help everyone.



Recharge Rate


In the national costumes, most of the students who are playing with the fire have not realized that the importance of the speed of reply is as follows:


POE 3.3 Righteous Fire BD Game Raiders


Increased Energy Shield Recovery rate


poe prismatic jewel


Increased Life Recovery rate


jewel recover rate


What is the use of this property? This attribute can enhance your natural second back, increase steal rate, drug recovery speed, charge recovery speed, emergency response speed!! Although it is not displayed on the panel, it is tangible!!! This is the property of God! This is the property of God! This is the property of God! The important thing is to say a hundred times!


Where is the magic? !


For example, if your panel's current shield is 3,000 per second, and you bring an elder jewel shield with a 30% recovery rate, then the actual is 3000+3000*30%=3900! Added 900 directly to you! If you still have a belt of 20%, then the actual is 3000+3000*50%=4500! Add 50% extra directly to the current panel seconds!!!


What is this terrible increase? Everyone who has played a normal fire is very clear.


In turn, look at the discipline of elder jewels back to 2.5, you have a million shield to add 250 to you, 20,000 shields can only give you 500 seconds back.


In addition, in order to facilitate the novice to watch, I simply use 50% to explain, but the shield recovery speed of 50% is actually much higher than the 50% bonus, which can be reflected in the actual test and POE, 3000+3000* 50%> 4500, the actual is still much larger than the extra 50% of the panel.


Take the shield flow as an example. There are currently three items with this property increased Energy Shield Recovery rate:


Belt: Energy shield recovery speed increased (16–20)%


poe belt


Elder Jewelry: Discipline, energy shield recovery speed increased (20–30)%


poe elder jewelry


Clothes´╝ÜThe Beast Fur Shawl, Vaal Regalia, energy shield recovery speed increased (30–40)%


vaal regalia


Note: When choosing the elder jewelry, you must choose the discipline shield to restore the speed by 30%, although it is not displayed on the panel! But the income of this thing for ordinary normal fire is far more than twice the number of disciplined seconds back 2.5%!! Remember to remember! I even suggested that the official website should add a special explanation to the speed of the shield reply! Otherwise, many people still don't understand the importance of this thing!


The blood flow rate is the same as the life recovery speed of the fire, this stuff far exceeds the vitality seconds back more than 100 points!


The importance of speed of reply is mentioned in the BD video of the international service's explanation of the expert warrior's fire of justice. Although he has emphasized it, most people in the national service are not paying enough attention!


In addition, the translation of the talents of the national service is wrong, resulting in many people mistakenly confusing the shield with the shield and replying! (The pure tide of talent is only the acceleration of energy and has increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate, not the shield recovery speed is faster! The correct energy shield recovery speed English is increased Energy Shield Recovery rate! This is a translation error!)! Don't be confused!

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