PoE 3.4 Delve: Endless Azurite Mine Dungeon

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Delve league will be released on August 31st, which is really a good news to all players, in this PoE 3.4 league, players will explore the endless Azurite Mine, which is the first infinite dungeon of Path of Exile, we will try our best to pass through the dark and corrupted mines and tunnels. 


PoE 3.4 Delve: Endless Azurite Mine Dungeon


An inventor named Niko the Mad has concocted a steampunk means to fix help players traverse the mine, where darkness can truly be lethal. Players will tether themselves to Niko's Crawler, which proceeds deep into the mine's caverns lounging powered cables and lamps, helping light the way in which.


The mines are rumored to be crammed with powerful rewards and hidden treasures, although finding your way to them won't be easy.


How Delve works

Players can begin exploring Delve content within the game's first act. Niko the Mad will offer you his machine to acquire Voltaxic Sulphite, a brand new resource which seems throughout Wraeclast. The greater Sulphite you've, the much deeper you are able to enter in the mines. You may choose to complete quick Delves in early stages, or stockpile the Sulphite for any mammoth session later. Niko is going to be around to supply fast transport towards the mine, which means you will not need to wait for lengthy prior to getting for this new content.


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Players must stay next to the Crawler as they enter the mine, as the damage from the dark spell hanging over the mine will rapidly become lethal. Grinding Gear has enlisted the assistance of new lighting tech to create Delve that bit extra vivid, since lighting plays such a crucial role hanging around mechanics of every incursion.


Despite the fact the Crawler takes a linear path, the dungeon itself is anything but. Effective rewards might be waiting from the beaten path if you are brave enough to walk into the dark, or, a minimum of, possess the tools. Players may use special flares to produce temporary light sources whilst from the Crawler, to enhance remarkable ability to wander around the darkened tombs. Be skeptical though - a couple of seconds from the light can spell instant death, however, the rewards could just be worthwhile. The Crawler will wait with patience for you personally should you stray too much away, thankfully.


Once the Crawler gets to its destination, it will drop all of the loot you have scooped up, allowing you to manage your inventory in relative safety.


The Subterranean Chart


Towards the end of each Delve, there will be some form of event or boss battle, granting a final powerful reward. When the Crawler has finished setting cables in this region, new at random generated areas is going to be revealed for the progression much deeper into the mine shafts.


Using Azurite based in the mines, players can upgrade various Delve-specific gameplay mechanics. You are able to enhance your potential to deal with the darkness damage you are taking from the light, you may also improve the strength of your flares as well as their durability. You can also buy dynamite to interrupt lower walls which can be blocking the use of much more treasure. You can change your tools enough where you are able to traverse very far from the Crawler, using effective flares and darkness resistance.



The Undercover Chart can help you choose which place to traverse next, indicating what kinds of treasures, environments, and hazards they may find within the next section. Delve also tracks player behavior and prowess using new tech, creating league tables that showcase probably the most effective builds, most effective players, and individuals who achieve the greatest quantity of mines, adding an aggressive element.


New Skills and Unique Relics


As many as ten skills are now being either introduced or revamped included in the Delve update. Grinding Gear Games only has proven off a couple of these to date: Smite and Toxic Rain. The rest of the eight new or revamped skills is going to be revealed within the run-to the update’s release.




Smite is really a new skill for that Protector Templar subclass. This latest Path of Exile skill attacks the chosen target and transmits lower a secure of lightning to a different nearby enemy dealing AoE damage. Additionally, for this, Smite also grants a brief buff towards the player and the teammates, which provides them added lightning damage and the opportunity to shock.


Toxic Rain is yet another new Path of Exile skill for bow-using Chaos Pathfinder builds. Each rain of arrows spawns spore pods that cling onto nearby targets, slowing them lower and out stacks of chaos damage before the spore pods explode.

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