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Halloween in 2018 is coming soon! In order to celebrate the festival, many games have held events related to the theme of the festival. Like the Halloween event by maplestory 2.

Maplestory 2 just held a successful Halloween event not long ago.

Although Path Of Exile has no relevant event announcements so far, according to the content of previous events (the effect of last year : Bleeding Eyes Helmet), We believe that exciting news will be announced soon.

R4PG.com has made tremendous progress in the past year. The number of registered users on our website has reached 100,000, and the number of trade for players has exceeded 500,000. These advances are the affirmation of the players on our website and are the best compliments to us.

R4PG.com has always been the best website for players to buy Game Currency, and has been committed to providing the best service for players.

In order to thank the players support our website, we are now on hold Special Halloween Sale activities!

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And Last

Happy Halloween!

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