The Saboteur Shadow Build of Path Of Exile

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This BD's occupation is the shadow, and its ascendancy class is a saboteur. This version contains traps and mines, and there are many different ways to play them. This BD chose the classic breakthrough skill of lightning trap. It increases base damage by 1%, and arcs greatly increase our output with a higher damage bonus. It has no cooling time at all. This allows the BD gameplay to change from the original need to find ways to cool the heap to how it can be lost faster. Early clearance is very stable, and late clearance equipment is not required, which is a BD worth experiencing.


saboteur shadow build


the early stage upgrade speed: super fast


Brush the small monster efficiency after forming: super fast


Fight with BOSS's efficiency after forming: super fast


Defensive ability after forming: higher


Run efficiency in Maze: general


Cost: medium and low





1.the customs clearance is super fast, the equipment demand is small and no pressure;


2. the ability to survive is extremely strong;


3.  Ignore all affixes;


4.  do actually any map mod, including the Hall of Grandmasters;


5.  low cost to create ultra-high output;



-Lack of shock


Equipment configuration




This is the core equipment of this BD. With it, you have a future. In the early stage, after the 5L sent by the plot, you can directly buy the trap clothes, even if you have to buy one more, the roll value does not matter. National clothes may be expensive, but you have decided to play, no matter how expensive you have to buy.


PIC Shimmeron


Recommended Weapons: This wand can bring great improvement to our output. At the same time, the price of this equipment is very high. The national service is open for 10 days, and the price is stable at 4EX (the source of the staff: as long as the elders are pushed, the difficulty is not distinguished, the guards or the elders have the probability to fall). Still a word, it is not recommended to start in the early stage. In fact, when we have no shimmeron, this BD is a good choice for a good yellow dress. Why do I still recommend this staff? Mainly to obtain relatively easy, no time to find equipment. At the same time, this staff is really good for our output improvement.


PIC omen wand


PIC Demon's horn


A bad staff can also pass through T18, so is the shimmeron really necessary? The damage is much better than that. National Service staff of rare or dagger recommended attributes: spell damage, critical strike chance for spells, adds to spell XX-XX damage (preferably lightning damage), critical strike damage. It is recommended to choose a dagger, which can better use the displacement skill. (Used when there is shimmeron staff in the previous period)


The best grading staff or dagger recommended attributes: spell damage, spell critical strike, adds to spell XX-XX damage (preferably lightning damage), critical strike damage, element penetration, chaos damage with XX element damage. It is recommended to choose daggers, you can better use displacement skills.


PIC marylene’s


Recommended Amulet: super high critical strike damage, but also bring their own culling effect. Our critical strike damage is too high, so choose it to boost our critical strike damage. It is not recommended in the early stage, and it will be used after the late critical strike chance comes up. Amulet can be considered for adding attributes or adding a lighting falls effect.


Recommended items for the best graduation Amulet: life, critical strike chance, critical strike damage (critical damage selection priority is higher than critical chance), chaos damage adds XX non-chaos damage, resistance. Chaos damage and critical strike damage can be washed directly.


PIC marylene’s


Recommended ring: blood volume, high resistance can be. Later, you can consider the combination of the unique ring + elder base ring to increase the output, but I personally feel that there is not much need, after all, our output is already very good. It is best to have some dexterity in the two rings. This set of BDs is less dexterity.


PIC bone helmet


Recommended helmet: high blood volume, high resistance.


PIC stygian


Recommended belt: It is best to choose the abyss base, high blood volume, high resistance belt, leaving one suffix to leave the NPC enchanted 10% trap to throw speed.


PIC tan gauntlets


Recommended Gloves: Any glove with a shaper base that does not care about the item level and has a certain life and resistance. This may be expensive and I tell you a simple way. Use the Orb of alteration to wash the trap of this affix, after the increase, the gambling prefix of the life, gambling on the life of the rich master resistance. If you are not lacking in resistance, you can get the regal directly, and then the master life. This will be much cheaper. This glove is very easy to get.


PIC  Atziri’s step


Recommended boots for leveling: Slink Boots, good running speed and life, and 16% of spells to avoid, with our talents and pharmacy, up to 50%, 56% double dodge, survival protection.


PIC kaom’s root


Recommended shoes: free from halo, free from freezing, chill, high blood volume


Equipment recommendation

PIC brightbeak


Drive away from the trap, the upgrade efficiency has been greatly improved.


PIC kongming’s stratagem


Reduce spell damage, in order to survive, I personally choose high blood volume, high resistance. Shield selection is very casual.


Gem and links


Conventional skill gems:

Lightning Trap Chestplate of 6L: Vaal Lightning Trap/Lightning Trap-Trap and Mine Damage-Cluster Traps-Critical Strike Chance-Lightning Penetration (Skill priority level from front to back, preferably Vaal Lighting Trap.)


Regarding the choice of controlled destruction, if you feel that the precision damage has reduced your critical strike chance, I recommend the following alternative gems: elemental focus -adds lightning damage-empower


Arc Trap Chestplate of 6L: Vaal Arc/Arc-Trap and Mine Damage-Cluster Traps-Trap Support-Critical Strike Chance (Skill priority level from front to back, preferably vaal Lighting Trap.)


Weapon of 3L: Flame Dash-Fast Cast-Portal


Weapon of 3L: Cast when Damage Taken Support (Level 9)-Stone Golem(Level 11)-Enfeeble/Temporal Chains (Level 11)


The helmet of 4L: Lightning Falls-Herald of Thunder/Arctic Armour/Vitality-Enlightened


Gloves of 4L: Damage (Level1)-Divine(Level 3)-Increased Duration-Phase Run(Level 1)

Note: Boots can be used to train gems. Don't reverse the skill joint on the glove and helmet, or it will be awkward.


Passive Tree


Level 95 attacking passive points:


PIC xingtu


The ideas of adding points:

Before the level 40, you should try to get the talent points related to the portal and the trap. After the level 40, you will start to find the survival. Before the plot, you can double the flash and just click one.


After you have the Tinkerskin, click on the eldritch battery.


You don't have to find a power charge without shimmeron. You can find more output points without using the shimmeron.


After level 85, start looking for jewelry holes.


Ascendancy Class and Passive Point


Ascendancy class: saboteur


Order: perfect crime-pyromaniac-chain reaction-born in the shadows


PIC saboteur


Later, you can change the born in the shadow into explosives expert to increase the output (personal feeling that the effect of pyromaniac is not particularly easy).




Kill all for two points


Pantheon Gods


Major Gods:


PIC Tsoagoth


Solaris: stun avoidance


Wearing Kaom's roots at T18 can be replaced with lunaris boots.


Minor Gods:


PIC xingtu


Usually used when to fight with monsters


PIC  Reflection of Terror


Usually used when T18


Jewels configuration


Upgraded jewel


After the fifth chapter branch task is completed (the specific task is called the name I forgot), our lightning trap can pierce 1 target, the brush map is more efficient, and the jewelry is removed when the attack is strong. The arc trap does not require this jewelry. Before the fifth chapter, it is recommended to point out the penetrating talent points, wash the jewel after receiving it.


PIC jewel


abyss jewel 


Attributes: life >trap throwing speed> critical strike multiplier > add to spell damage > projectile damage=lightning damage =all damage =spell damage>critical strike chance  


The damage of the projectile in the arc trap is useless to us, so it is best not to look for it.


Jewel is difficult to choose. My own jewelry has only life and traps throwing speed, but the damage is already great.


Still, the faster the trap is thrown, the higher the damage, the stronger the survival, so I put it in front of the priority. It may not be useful for you to like the panel, because this affix does not add any panels.


If you lack dexterity or lack of resistance, consider supplementing it from the jewel.

The choice of prismatic jewel


Light falls related prismatic jewel can be, attribute selection lightning pierce > lightning damage > critical strike chance.

My favorite 11-level bottle.
PIC diamond flask
Diamond flask: The use of crit no more than 60% is very good. Wash out the bleeding or freeze.
Atziri's promise: The element is added as much as possible to 15%, and the physical attachment above has no effect on us.
PIC quartz flask
Run +10% double dodge, improve our survival, wash out the bleeding or freezing.
Oak: The electricity reactance should be the highest, otherwise it will not work.
PIC quicksilver flask
Quicksilver flask: It is recommended to wash out the high running speed. We don't have a good movement, so we can avoid damage and quickly brush the picture by one leg.
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