Top 5 Incursion Builds For Inquisitor Templar

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In this article, I will show you some really great 3.3 builds for Inquisitor Templar, who is focused on elemental damage and do a good job on with both attacks and spells. This is why a lot of players choose to be an Inquisitor in Path of Exile, and with these Inquisitor builds you can do more fun things that you want to do.


Top 5 Incursion Builds For Inquisitor Templar


1. [PoE 3.3] Mock Shock and Smoking Apparel - An Elemental Hit, Inpulsas, AoF, Melee Critquisitor

2. [PoE 3.3] ARE YOU WORTHY? Dual Mjollner Arc Inquisitor

3. [PoE 3.3] Poet's Pen Arc/Freezing Pulse + CoC GC [Inquisitor or Trickster]

4 [PoE 3.3] Self-Cast Arc Inquisitor (Uber Atziri Viable)


5. [PoE 3.3 SC/HC] Trypanon Vaal EQ / Charged Dash - 1 Million Avg. Damage VS Shaper!


1. [PoE 3.3] Mock Shock and Smoking Apparel - An Elemental Hit, Inpulsas, AoF, Melee Critquisitor


This build is my interpretation regarding how to maximize Elemental Hit inside a melee character, with plenty of consideration for survival so that you can approach the majority of the finish-game content. The build uses merely a couple of specific products, making gearing simple and easy, affordable even just in a brand new league, and comprises as a melee character rich in attack speed to enhance mobility.



+ Great Damage on few links.

+ Multiple layers of defense.

+ High attack speed means reasonable map clear.

+ Nothing in the build is rare enough to be expensive to start.

+ Uses Shield Charge for movement, gotta go fast.

+ Immune to shock always, Creates consecrated ground causing full elemental ailment immunity.

+ Strong group build, requires zero auras to function, improved by having allies nearby.

+ PoB Shaper DPS is strong (easily break 1 million in a 6 link)

+ Can level with the skill into maps with a 1 alch weapon.



- Doesn't feel great for clearing until you have locked out lightning and cold.

- Amulet only drops from an Elder boss, you may need to wait 1-2 days at league start for it to become available. (Only required to make Inpulsa's activate)

- Not Tier 1, SSS clear speed.

- Not Stun-immune, can be for HC play if desired.

- Cannot run Ele Reflect.

- Late-game upgrades require crafting.

- Blood Magic means no-regen maps are painful.

- Monster evade elemental ailments is slower but easy still.

- No MTX for main skill.



This build concentrates on maximizing the innate damage potential of Elemental Hit, taking advantage of the opportunity to cause elemental status ailments with hits innate towards the skill, and also the Inquisitor's naturally high combat abilities when sitting on the consecrated ground.




Ascendancy: Inquisitor

1. Sanctify

2.Instruments of Virtue

3.Righteous Providence

4.Pious Path


Bandits: Help Alira

Crit Multi and resistances serve the build strongly, more-so than any two skill points. The mana regen is negligible, however before Blood Magic is chosen it can be quite helpful.



Major: Soul of Arakaali

Minor: Soul of Ryslatha


PoB of Current tree @Level 92:


Full build please check:



2. [PoE 3.3] ARE YOU WORTHY? Dual Mjollner Arc Inquisitor


The concept of the build

This build relies on round the Mjolner mace, that casts a lightning spell everytime we hit something by using it. We'll use a couple of them and employ Cyclone to proc each of them whenever we attack and we'll use Arc both in. Obviously, since i will be likely to be Inquisitor, we'll heavily spec into crit since it enables us to forego any type of lightning transmission because of Inevitable Judgement.


Pros :

-Really smooth clear speed and gameplay thanks to the cyclone.

-Unlike another cyclone build like a pure cyclone or Ngamahu's flame, the arc has a long reach and kill monsters way outside of the cyclone AoE.

-No mana needed, so no mana regen needed, yay!

-Good single target DPS because of Arc rework.

-Shatters screens at a time.


Cons :

-Heavy gearing requirement because of Mjolner and crit.

-Really weak to physical damage since we don't use any armor increase.

-Can't play any regen or elemental reflect maps.


Gem Links


Cyclone Setup : [4L] Cyclone + Additional Accuracy + Blood Magic + Fortify [6L] Curse On Hit + Assassin's mark


The main link to our build. We need only 4 links to get going.


In Mjolner : [3L] Arc + Increased Critical Strike Chance + Controlled Destruction / Elemental Focus


CWDT: Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Assassin's mark + Ice Golem


Classic IC / CWDT setup. Assassin's mark for lazy curse application if we don't have a 6 link. Ice golem for more accuracy and crit chance.


Auras and Herald: Wrath - Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder


Primary damage boost from the build. Wrath gives lots of lightning damage, same for Herald of Thunder. Herald of Ice allows us to obvious with ice explosions, allowing not receiving an Inpulsa's for essentially exactly the same effect and become simpler on the gearing.


Either : 

Mobility: Leap Slam - Faster Attack - Culling Strike - Blood Magic


Allows us to move faster around the map and over ledges and cull bosses. Pretty straightforward.


Single Target and Power Charge: Orb of Storm - Power charge on critical strike - Blood Magic - Culling Strike


Give us power charge for more damage and culling strike. Orb of Storm gives a bit of damage also.


Mechanics details]


Mjolner are only able to cast a spell every 250ms, to achieve the entire potential of spell cast, we have to achieve a little under 4 attacks per second per Mjolner. Each cyclone attacks each hand once, therefore we require a tooltip attack duration of a little more than .25s. This is exactly why we use Onslaught flask so we may also get attack speed on gear. We obtain a good slice of AS in the tree also.


The cast is trigger only if the hit actually hit the target. We don't get a trigger of the hit-miss, so we need Accuracy nodes on tree and Accuracy support.




On our jewels, we'll need Lightning damage, Crit Chance/multiplier, and life. From tinkering on POB I've seen that since we get enough of crit multi and chance from the tree, it's better to just get the straight increase in spell damage, either increase or flat.




Check full build here:



3. [PoE 3.3] Poet's Pen Arc/Freezing Pulse + CoC GC [Inquisitor or Trickster]

This build was created by using Poet's Pen in your mind. It may be lvld using Arc as self-cast but was created by using 2 PP wands which makes it slightly costly to begin, however, once you have achieved 2 of individuals wands all of those other gear can be quite cheap to buy.


Defence & Utility


The build utilizes Mind over Matter with a lot of mana unreserved and becoming the aid of the Ascendancy nodes to take care of your effective HP pool.


This is a connection to a downloadable calculator for the way much effective HP you will have with Mind Over Matter: Mind Over Matter eHP Calculator

Pantheon Choices:


Pantheon List


Major God:


- Soul of the Brine King

Prevents getting chain-stunned or frozen


Minor God:


- Soul of Shakari

Helps with chaos damage taken, can later be upgraded to be 100% immune to poison as well


Skill-gems & Setups:


Frenzy or Power Siphon:


IF you don't have a "Warlord's Mark on Hit" Elder Ring you'll want to use this setup:


- Frenzy, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Curse on Hit, Warlord's Mark, Onslaught, Culling Strike




- Power Siphon, Onslaught, Cast on Critical Strike, Glacial Cascade, Physical to Lightning, Concentrated Effect



Poet's Pens includes a 250ms CD around the triggers meaning they can cast a spell should you attack 4 occasions per second (.25sec atk speed). And that's why I am not linking faster attacks either in from the setups as though you are carrying this out like a Trickster or Inquisitor both of them get a lot of attack speed in the Craze Charges, Ascendancy nodes along with the Onslaught buff.


Leveling Tips:


Simply employ Magma orb or Freezing Pulse until you hit lvl 12 by which time you need to equip 2x Poet's Pen and employ Arc & Freezing Pulse using either Power Siphon or when I recommend at this time, Craze to proc em.

If you have made the decision to experience this build before you are in a position to purchase Poet's Pens or like a league starter I suggest that you simply simple run having a self-cast setup with Arc which may mean you would begin using these support gems:

Added Cold, Added Lightning, afterward, you will want to get Faster Casting in addition to Controlled Destruction within the Added gems.


The build can work very well whilst lvling only using 1 poet's pen, so buying one as soon as you can afford one is highly recommended.




- Kill them all.


Ascendancy Nodes:

1) Instruments of Virtue this is to increase the general clear speed of the build

2) Righteous Providence self-explanatory

3) Inevitable Judgement also self-explanatory

4) Augury of Penitence again, also self-explanatory


Path of Building Link:


Find more information here:



4. [PoE 3.3] Self-Cast Arc Inquisitor (Uber Atziri Viable)


Thanks for visiting my PoE 3.3 Self-Cast Arc Inquisitor build guide. I additionally make a number of videos like a companion for this build guide.


Build Highlights


- 7K life

- Freezes and chain-explodes most enemies

- Generates all charges

- 30+% block chance

- Decent mana regen and insane mana leech

- Good movement skill options (Shield Charge, Whirling Blades)


Build Costs and Thoughts


My form of this build costs around 30-40 exalted orbs. It's tremendously versatile - it may obvious everything hanging around, save for possibly Uber Elder and Hall of Grandmasters. It's Shaper-viable in a reduced gear level too - you are able to easily kill Shaper at 2/3 of my electricity, for example.


There's lots of Arc builds available today, many concentrating on traps and totems - individuals are fine builds and sure even more powerful than self-casting Arc, however that does not imply that self-casting is not both viable and incredibly fun. Additionally, this build incorporates lots of good gearing ideas that may be integrated into other Arc builds too, a few of which use such things as Essence Earthworm and Mind over Matter.


Passive tree:


The whole build:



5. [PoE 3.3 SC/HC] Trypanon Vaal EQ / Charged Dash - 1 Million Avg. Damage VS Shaper!


Thanks for visiting my first 3.3 guides! This a person's just pure awesomesauce! Fun to experience, cheap and pretty safe! This is actually the Softcore version, you'll find the Hardcore Slayer version here: Writing it now!


General map clearspeed at level 77 ( 80 now ), don't have the increased duration nodes yet.




+ Movement Speed == Clear Speed

+ Fun to play

+ Enough offense to not need any defense

+ Can do all map mods except Ele Reflect




- You have to stand still to cast Charged Dash




This is exactly what helps make the building shine! Purchase one with 39%-40% reduced soul gain prevention and 90%  Elevated Damage.


This can reduce Vaal Earthquake's Soul Prevention from 12 seconds to 7.20 seconds while Vaal Earthquake itself can last 12 seconds ( or 17.4 seconds with duration nodes ) so that you can keep chaining it!


Additionally, it lower's the soul cost by 25%, which means that if you use Vaal Earthquake at 100% souls then 25% of the souls will stay. It implies that if you have 80% souls for Vaal Earthquake and also you drink after that it the souls is going to be at 100% and you'll be in a position to cast it! However, you will not possess the 25% souls remaining like before.





Righteous Providence -> Inevitable Judgement -> Instruments of Virtue -> Augury of Penitence




Major - Soul of Lunaris and get Thraxia ASAP ( Spider Lair )

Minor - Soul of Tukohama




Help Kraityn or kill all, up to you!


Passive tree:


Find more information:


These are all the PoE 3.3 Inquisitor builds you may want to see, you can find more 3.3 builds on, where you can buy PoE Currency online too. Hope you guys have a happy time in Path of Exile world, just ask us for help once you meet any troubles in the game.

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