How Do You Feel About the Revelation Online Guilds?

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Joining a guild could be a portal to a whole new perspective of a game that you have been playing 'solo' all this time.


Its a good perspective as you might find ready opening for a dungeon run or find help in a form of valuable information like where to easily find/farm mats for upgrades etc.


Sometimes you can find discounted prices of badly needed mats within your own guild or maybe 'freebies'


In guild runs I'm quite sure the guildies will always get, priority choice of weapons and armour, pertaining to your character.


How Do You Feel About the Revelation Online Guilds


Also in guilds, nice place to chill in a dungeon while farming for mats, while chatting n TS3 or discord.


The tough part of finding a guild, is finding one that that fits your playing style... :/ 




are you PVE incline or PVP or PVX


What are your playing coincide with guild runs and activities.


Also how active is a guild? Hardcore, semi-casual or casual? and all this also depends on the various degree of dedication of guildies.


Its hard to form a guild that can conform to every players expectations.


But if you do join one..remember the saying :- strength in numbers and try to participate actively when you can, as every little contribution makes a guild better and stronger.


In some games a guild is a family 

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