R4PG Tells You How to Improve the Gameplay of Revelation Online

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Hi, I am the Chief Editor of R4PG, Today I am going to show you some simple but practical ways to improve the Revelation Online gameplay, that would be:


1) Stop using your Gaming PC to TANK and DPS the internet at the same time!


The only software firewall and software anti-virus I have on my gaming system is the one that comes with Windows 10. Why? Because I am smart enough to own a Router with its own Hardware Firewall that has Malformed Packet Protection, DDoS Protection, and other features that go beyond the consumer-grade garbage of simply closing your ports.


R4PG Tells You How to Improve the Gameplay of Revelation Online


"Hi! I'm the little pig living in the straw-house. Trust me! If I close my front door, the big, bad wolf won't blow my house down!" I think we know how that turned out!


I also have my own Linux System running on a Command Line Interface which has its own Firewall and Anti-Virus and several defense programs and hidden surprises. Most of my network traffic goes through it, so instead of the big. bad wolf reaching my straw house....it will have to go through a hell deeper than Tartarus to get here! ...where if he succeeds, my network goes on LOCKDOWN! That's right... This system is in front, equipped, set up, and geared like a TANK, to TANK the internet!


2) Your Gaming System should be DPSing like a Boss!!!


Tanking philosophy deals with wanting everyone to see you and attack you...

DPS philosophy deals with attacking a strong enemy when that enemy is focused on killing the tank.


Notice they are opposites.

The TANK wants to be visible to the enemy

The DPS wants to be invisible to the enemy


This means your Battle System (or Gaming System) itself should be focused for war.


This mean you aren't running a million System Services that slow you down.

This means you aren't running a million Processes that slow you down.


Your Bandwidth, Your Resources,

The total weight of your specs are focused completely towards playing the game you are playing.


This means setting your games for high priority.

This means making sure in your system you have one stand-alone drive for the OS, and another stand-alone drive for your main game. Both should be SSDs in this case.


If you have 16 - 32GB of RAM, this also means learning how to set up a RAM DISK and learning to mount the proper RAMDISKs to help your gameplay be a lot smoother. I do this at every single main game I play.


3) Communication Systems / Support System


The more people in a VoIP, the more bandwidth used. The more voices popping through at once, the more CPU power is used. For this reason I have my own Communication System.




While I can handle 24/7 Realtime Operation under the heaviest of loads, I wanted the lowest latency possible when playing games due to the fact that latency also affects keyboard commands and mouse movement. I could run communications in my system, but the latency it builds up and the load it takes on a system is a very wide and unstable load.


When everyone talks to you in a gaming system through VoIP and you have 30 - 50 people, what actually does happen is that it adds network and local latency, so everyones ping actually increases due to the way the system and networking works. For this reason I keep a communication system that is totally separate from my Gaming Computer...


My Communication System is my Support System.

When people need an information lookup, I do it by Voice Command to my Support System. I also keep VoIPs there too! So now there is a system that is completely dedicated to that meaning my gaming system isn't dealing with wild latency.



Three Systems: Gaming, Defense, and Support.

Working together to handle the jobs they were built for goes farther than throwing everything in one system.

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