Riders of Icarus Open Beta Begins July 6TH

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Through all of the phases of the Closed Beta, we were able to implement significant improvements to prepare for Open Beta on July 6 so you can have the best possible experience. These improvements include better tutorials, new controls, reducing the penalties for tempering (or item enhancement) and fine-tuning the content to make the gameplay of Riders of Icarus more immersive.



When Open Beta launches on July 6, the max level attainable will be level 25, and we plan to increase the level cap to 35 in the following update, coming later in July. Currently, we are working on fine-tuning all of the content that will come with the level 35 cap increase.


Parna's Coast

Coming this July, Parna's Coast is a snow-covered zone for levels 25 through 35. It's about as big as the Hakanas Highlands, and it focuses mostly on ground combat, though it provides areas where you can enjoy aerial combat as well. Permeating throughout Parna’s Coast is an occurrence known as "Parna’s Frost", which affects the movement speed of familiars from other regions. Native familiars of Parna's Coast are well adjusted to the cold weather and are resistant against it, so it's a good idea to tame a new familiar when you first reach Parna's Coast.


Cavern of the Veil

This is a place in Parna's Coast where the Merumi zealots who worship Radan reside. It's a dreamy and gigantic underground cave that contains a Merumi temple guarded tightly by the Templars.


The Frost Keep

This is the stronghold of the Frost Guard and their leader, Rondo, who abducted Princess Lania. This keep is as lifeless and barren as Rondo's frozen heart.


Additional Regions to Explore

We’ll continue to add new regions with future updates. Some of the upcoming regions include:

  • Akrat, a plain containing exotic animals
  • Cloying Wastes, a desert region
  • Ellora Sanctuary, a forest with beautiful waterfalls
  • Tritael Rift, an aerial region
  • Each region in Riders of Icarus has its own distinctive ecosystem as well as unique dungeons and familiars.


New Mounts

Every new zone comes with new familiars: You’ll see the Pegasi and other flying mounts protecting Tritael Rift. Griffins and the legendary golden bat fly above the Cloying Wastes. Ellora Sanctuary is the land of the legendary Torkai, and many cute familiars can be discovered throughout Akrat. You’ll have a chance to tame them all and many more as you explore the expansive zones in Riders of Icarus.



We are preparing to introduce the PvP Battlefield system in the coming months, which will include not only PvP elements, but PvE as well. Competing teams will be placed on opposite ends of the map, with PVE elements such as a boss and other monsters in the middle. While the competing teams are hunting monsters, they will eventually collide and PvP and PvE will blend together organically. Your team will need to balance attacking the boss and fending off any other teams who will try to steal your kill. The victor and the defeated will be determined by comparing the team scores.


The automatic matching system will pair teams by using past performances. We are also looking into an inter-server match system. Additionally, there will be a ranking system that identifies the high score; top players will be rewarded accordingly. Since this is still in design phase, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions!


Exarahn Badlands

Exarahn Badlands will be a PVP only region you can enter if you’ve reached level 25 and higher.In the dark Exarahn Badlands, all other Riders that are not in your party or guild are considered enemies, so Riders must fight for their survival. Here you can come across ancient familiars that are now extinct within Hakanas, and rare items that disappeared long ago.

As you can tell by the atmosphere, there are many dark-themed familiars. They have a distinct look and boost attributes closely related to PVP combat, so they are highly sought after.


Guild Alliances

In Riders of Icarus, guilds that are level 3 or higher will be able to form an Alliance. This allows channeling between different guilds, and will enable them to wage war against other Alliances.


Guild Battles

Guild battles will be carried out in the Exarahn Badlands every week to distinguish the best PvP players in that region. In the early levels, this will be a server-exclusive battle, to find the strongest guild for each server. In later levels, players will participate in a cross-server battle, in which all players from one server will work together in an attempt to conquer the other servers. The winning group will receive a server-wide buff that will last for a week.

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