Play the Identical Runescape Character in Your Computer and Mobile

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If you're an avid player of MMORPG RuneScape, then you must be paying focus to publisher Jagex's announcement today. The UK-based game developer revealed that Old College Mobile is coming in 2018, with RuneScape Mobile hot on its heels later in the year.


Play the Identical Runescape Character in Your Computer and Mobile

The games will function fully interoperable play involving Computer and mobile devices; you can start out your game on your laptop and choose up seamlessly in your telephone or tablet when you must step away out of your desk. Or it is possible to play entirely in your mobile device; when you previously had a saved Pc game, but now choose Mobile, you can pick up that personal computer game and play entirely on your tablet or phone going forward.

Jagex' Chief Operating Officer Phil Mansell says, "We believe in taking our games to wherever our players want them? current player surveys showed an overwhelming 90% of active players and 64% of former players telling us of their extremely high intent to play on mobile." That's a higher volume of players, especially taking into consideration that the ability to play on a telephone or tablet may draw former players back to RuneScape. It is nice to find out game developers listening to their audiences and adding options that players will genuinely use.

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