Runescape F2P NEEDS WORK

I was was thinking and, there isnt much to offer on f2p, nothing that really gets peoples attention; the noobs.... were not going to get rs gold for new players if f2p isnt just as good at p2p.. ...maybe a f2p boss? All these new people that try out the game, they need a place to be, maybe a level 50 combat and lower only area? Remember - f2p is where our player base starts - if you dont get new players attention, then runescape is just going to die...


The thing is that Jagex won't really put in the effort to make changes to F2P since they won't make any money out of it. I understand they need money in order to hold up the business, however I believe that they should AT LEAST consider into putting in something new. F2P mode is the first thing you encounter when starting RuneScape. Therefore, F2P should be appealing so that new players would want to go on more and eventually pay for membership. 


The methodology that Jagex has is to make new players instantly want to pay for membership by advertising, and they also create high level content only for high level players so that they can still play the game. The one thing that's always missing is medium/low level content. There are a lot of people who don't progress fast in this game (including myself) and I feel like Jagex should think about all of the players, instead of only the new and old ones.


F2P deserves more attention if you want the game to still live.

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