Runescape Possible unban?

Hello fellow runescapers.


I am an old player that is trying to return to the game but here's a little issue.


Over a year ago my main account got banned for macroing major. I am not denying I didn't deserve it, because I did. After that I quitted the game and started playing other online game, but it's going really downhill. The publisher over there doesn't really care about the players and this is what bothers me the most. I know that Jagex cares about it's players because they brought back old school runescape, which also brought back many people and this is showing us Jagex is the only one that actually does listen to community. 


I was stupid enough to use 3rd party software and destroyed an account that I had been building up since my 4th grade in elementary school and I really regret this now. I've grown up a bit more now, since the ban on my account and I now realize what i've done to everyone around me. I destroyed my account and decreased the joy and fun for other people playing runescape by tearing down economy and gameplay of everyone else and for this I am really sorry. I now wish I'd never done this, but damage has been done.


I am not looking for forgivness or pity, I am wondering if nowadays there is a chance to get an account unbanned? I really wish to go on with my adventure on that account even if levels of skills are decreased. I don't care much about this, I only wish to go on with my journey. 


So again, is there any possible way to get account unbanned nowadays? I did try to write a ticket (I think that's how it is called), but I kind of doubt it that I will get any response.

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