Skyforge Closed Beta Test 3 Live!

third Skyforge Closed Beta Test is now officially underway, allowing all eligible beta participants to log into the world of Aelion and experience the latest content while continuing their ascension to godhood once again!

Skyforge Closed Beta Test 3 Live!

During CBT3, servers will be active for 3 weeks with the test concluding on May 13th. If you missed out on the details of what CBT3 has to offer don't worry - our Skyforge CBT3 Announcement has got you covered! CBT3 participants who have yet to download the Skyforge client can do so via the Skyforge Client Download page on If you already acquired the client during CBT2, however, you won’t have to re-download. Simply log-in and continue playing!

Remember, during CBT3 you can access Skyforge’s new integrated social Portal [NA/EU], which offers you the ability to chat with friends and fellow immortals currently in-game, displays information on you and your friend's recent in-game activities, serves up the latest game news and, of course, enables you to chat on the new Skyforge forums! The Portal can be accessed from within the game or by using any web enabled device - and we'd love to hear your feedback regarding this feature over the course of the beta.


If you’re planning on streaming your adventures or creating Skyforge videos for your YouTube channel, feel free to share your Twitch and/or YouTube channel with us, as well as the community through Twitter and our official CBT Highlights thread!

Speaking of community created content, throughout CBT3 the Skyforge team is inviting all CBT players to submit their best Skyforge fan-art, screenshots, machinimas, montages and more! The best and most creative entries across all categories will all compete for a chance at scoring some awesome prizes including; HyperX Gaming Headsets, Logitech G502 Gaming Mice and EVGA Geforce GTX 960 Video Cards! For more details, check out the full Closed Beta 3 Community Contest announcement.

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