r4pg:Gameplay Discussion of Tree of Savior Necromancer

r4pg:Gameplay Discussion of Tree of Savior Necromancer

Hello people .. I am lvl 67 with my Wizzard and this is my future build on my linker, i just want know Some opinions about this build.. Im leveling with friends because alone is pretty hard hehe but I want to know if I need to up INT-CON or CON-SP I hope someone can help me or give me some advice for this build , and sorry for my bad english http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simulator/build/xjnkk35rea/


Reading through this thread made me reconsider my class path which is wiz1-cryo1-kino3-(already kino3 127lvl)- necro2 mainly focused on PVP. What made me choose this is the fact that I can cc the living shit out of someone while having my summons hitting him... So how fucked up am I, since linker and sorcerer is the more ideal choice.


I don't see why you feel that you're screwed up. Seems fine to me. If you wanted to focus on PvP the obvious answer would be cryo3. But if you wanted more damage, then necro would still work out well enough. I'm willing to bet you can cast flesh hoop then telekinesis them over your head and have them get hit by the flesh hoop particles over and over.


It is highly resource intensive as a caster if you decide to keep your TS10 up while maintaining the rest of summons. The advantages of this build is you get some consistent dps inbetween waiting for your flesh cannon to come back up.

Linker2 is more reliant on your flesh cannon but you get more links for aoe grinding. My best advice for those who intend to roll necro would be to get some passive income before playing one.

I've pretty much invested close to 20m+ silver in my necro. But the pleasure of watching fleshcannon melt anyone in pvp is satisfying.


Sleep + flesh cannon combo is the ideal setup, most likely insta kill unless your opponent is full con with cyro armor.

You wouldn't be in the front lines in a 5v5 as necro anyway. Pairing with a cyro/kino and using aoe/flesh cannon with raise pretty much wipes any group.

My strat for 1v1s/duels however is just standing with the templeshooter + your cluster of buddies (skellys + shoggoth + corpse tower + salamion) and let them come to u. Abuse the templeshooter's hitbox + boss target, it will make most mouse users feel sad. Only class that might stand a good chance with a setup is a scout combo but if you pump sufficient con you should be able to survive the first big burst and react in time.

For any guy who stands still though, they will definitely have to focus the skeletons and ts, if not they will die pretty quickly. Run around the corpse tower (100% uptime at lvl 5) and play ring around the rosies with your opponent. (It hits 1.5k with 40 attribute so far - and only takes 1 dmg per hit, so it wouldnt die before timer is up).

If you miss your flesh cannon, magic missles + bats + oh sh** flesh hoop still hits pretty hard. Plenty of ways to duel as a necro if you know what you are doing.


I went at least 100 con and 160 int. I think you're dying because you are either using full cloth instead of 3 plate 1 cloth.

My plate attribute is max atm with cloth gloves for magic amp. S1 gets easy once u get a temple shooter card. Just link stuff and watch templeshooter melt everything. At least it beats the boring play of magic missle spam + link. Cat buff is awesome too. Prepare to chug lvl 10 mana pots if you want to keep ts up tho if u dont want downtime.

Temple shooter cards are your best friend because you can feed excess cards to trade lvl 10s for arde daggers.

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