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Tree Of Savior News & Guides

  • tree of savior r8 update bug fixes
    Tree Of Savior R8 Update BUG FIXES [10/11/2016]

    Tree Of Savior would like to announce the details of our weekly maintenance for October 10th - 11th, 2016. And this weekly maintenance Will Fixes Bug At this article list

  • tree of savior r8 introducing for cleric
    Tree Of Savior R8 Introducing For Cleric [10/10/2016]

    Tree of Savior dev team here. As you can guess, we’re continuing our introduction of the new Rank 8 classes Cleric, and today we’re covering the Cleric tree.

  • introducing tree of savior new rank 8 classes
    Introducing Tree of Savior New Rank 8 Classes [07/19/2016]

    Today we're introducing you to the new Rank 8 classes, and we're starting with the Wizard class tree.As always, remember that the contents you see here are still under development and could look different in their final version.

  • r4pg why are more people not playing tree of savior
    r4pg:Why Are More People Not Playing Tree of Savior? [07/05/2016]

    As an old fan of RO I think it's awesome compared to what is out there now. I'm just surprised there isn't a larger player base. Granted, I just started playing a couple weeks ago. So, what's up? Is there no hype? What are the major fallacies holding it back?

  • r4pg discussion tree of savior report market button
    r4pg:Discussion Tree of Savior Report Market button [06/29/2016]

    When this was introduced the forums and reddit where in FLAMES saying how terrible of an idea this was, how badly people will use it to abuse and how sh*t IMC is for doing.

  • tos new trade method which is 100  safe
    TOS New Trade Method which is 100% Safe [06/26/2016]

    Some TOS players are afraid of getting reported for buying Tree of Savior silver, and now we offer a new trade method which is 100% safe and fast for those who need silver to buy items in game.

  • r4pg weekly question and answer
    r4pg:Weekly Question and Answer [06/18/2016]

    The current UI makes it difficult to understand whether an item is going to change to untradeable depending on the Token we're using. Are you working to fix this?

  • r4pg gameplay discussion of tree of savior necromancer

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