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Trove Chaos chests  x 100
Trove Chaos chests x 100
Price : $22.99
Trove Chaos chests  x 200
Trove Chaos chests x 200
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Trove Chaos chests  x 250
Trove Chaos chests x 250
Price : $57.48
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Trove Chaos chests x 300
Price : $68.97
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Trove Chaos chests x 350
Price : $80.47
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Trove Chaos chests x 400
Price : $91.96
Trove Chaos chests  x 450
Trove Chaos chests x 450
Price : $103.46
Trove Chaos chests  x 500
Trove Chaos chests x 500
Price : $114.95
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Trove Console Beta on PS4 and Xbox One video

this game is great plz make it so you can get rideables from drops but maybe make them pretty rare thank you for making this game and reading this comment have a great day.


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The coupon code for Xmas and New Year is: R4PG-2016 (2016/12/20-2017/1/10). we have to remind you that this coupon code will be invalid as soon as the promotion is over!


Lag, crash, and nonrendering since halloween

My nephew and I are from Australia (incase that has anything to do with this) and since Halloween ended, and we got the update after Halloween

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