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Trove Chaos chests  x 100
Trove Chaos chests x 100
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Trove Chaos chests x 200
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Trove Chaos chests x 250
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Trove Chaos chests x 300
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Trove Chaos chests x 400
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Trove Chaos chests  x 500
Trove Chaos chests x 500
Price : $114.95
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Trove Console Beta on PS4 and Xbox One video

this game is great plz make it so you can get rideables from drops but maybe make them pretty rare thank you for making this game and reading this comment have a great day.


Trove Console Beta Now Live!

Thirsting for danger and lusting for loot? Grab your friends, hone your weapons, and set off for adventure in this free-to-play, voxel-based action MMO. Fight powerful foes, build epic cube worlds, ride magnificent mounts, master 14 unique classes, and collect 1000s of pixel-perfect player created items in Trove!


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