A few trove ideas for classes

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I've had a'lot of ideas for classes for a while now, however I don't have the time or skill to make things for them. Here are a few ideas I had.




A brand new fresh class, who uses a new physical weapon class, the glove. His mechanic will be to use combo atacks to deal big damage. His standard would be a punch. Yes, that simple. Then his M2 would be a ranged energy blast, being used for grouped damage, with around 10-13 second cooldown. Your first ability would be a dash forward, using his foot, which leads into other atacks, such as your punch, and the next atack. Your ultimate would be an uppercut, which does alot of damage, and a decent bit of knockback. The atack would be used best for finishing enemies, and combos. Also it would boost you upwards 3ish blocks, like an extra few jumps. The downside is its cooldown, which takes around 45 seconds, and it leaves you vulnerable, As you cant atack while your in the air after the uppercut, until you hit the ground.


The brawler would need alot of practice, and alot of experimentation to get used to, However when your used to it, its truly a force to be reckoned with. Combo-Wise, an example would be your first ability, then use your standard atack multiple times to punch, and then finish with an uppercut. However there could be many more. One more thing, is I dont know if I would switch the energy blast with the kick, as that could make more sense. There's not much else to say really, so ill just move on.




Another fresh class, the Robots passive would be your main tool for damage, where the higher your health is the more damage you deal, so with that in mind its alot like Fae Trickster, but with a bit of a twist. Also, just the thought of its dance being literally the robot. Just...that. For his weapon? I feel he should be able to use any weapon, but it changes his standard atack. The explanation for this, would be that he installs it into his...memory chip, (Yea I dunno) To Use the weapon! Anyway, his standard atack would just be a straight up lazer, which has the general "effect" of the weapon he has. Example, the sword would make him closer range with a little bit more damage, the staff would be a mid range beam, doing decent damage, ect. Either way its just a standard beam, and of course his passive effects it too. His M2 is where things get interesting though, the Robot would change his mode, which changes his stats slightly to make one thing worse, and one thing better, with obvious things like Defense, Offense, or Mobility. The way you could make it change I really dont know, but they could find a way  . Your first ability would shoot a beam of light infront of you, which pierces through enemies, lowering there defense. As a second idea for the first ability, (Because I was really picky with this) Is a mine, which explodes when enemies are close, which lowers there defense, and does a small amount of damage. Finally , his ultimate. This would buff up his lazer, making it pierce, have more damage, range, and general dps. Also, if the robot is slightly to weak, then make the lazer heal him a little too.


My thoughts on the robot? Honestly hes very interesting, as depending on your weapon, your playstyle changes, making him either a sniper, a close range powerhouse, or just a balanced style, along with his mode changing, the possibility's are crazy!


Last Notes


In my opinion (Yes, opinions are a thing in the internet) , these 2 classes would make a big change to the game, and even if they don't go into the game, (They 100% wont) , I just wanted to state my ideas.


Anything you would change? Please tell me! Also, id love to hear your ideas for a new class too!Thanks for reading

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